#Miami Students Grab Passes to #TheEdgeofSeventeen @ AMC Sunset 10/25

The Edge of Seventeen
Director: Kelly Fremon Craig
Writers: Kelly Fremon Craig
Starring:Hailee Steinfeld, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner
MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and language throughout
Official Socials: Facebook | Twitter | InstagramIMDb
Hashtag: #EdgeOf17
High-school life gets even more unbearable for Nadine when her best friend, Krista, starts dating her older brother.

Thoughtful, hilarious and honest. See the highly anticipated dramedy, The Edge of Seventeen, with special guest, Hailee Steinfeld! Be sure to bring your college ID and arrive early! Seating is first come, first served. Download your passes here: 

These tickets are on a first-come, first-served not guaranteed basis. Arrive early to secure your seats.

Blog Tour: Blood Red Snow White by Marcus Sedgwick | Video Interview | Giveaway

Welcome to our stop on Blood Red Snow White tour for Marcus Sedgwick. This tour is hosted by The Fantastic Flying Book Club Tours.

Blood Red Snow White
Author:  Marcus Sedgwick
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Historical Fiction
Release Date: October 25th 2016 
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

It is 1917, and the world is tearing itself to pieces in a dreadful war, but far to the east of the trenches, another battle is breaking out - the Russian Revolution has just begun...

Blood Red, Snow White captures the mood of this huge moment in history through the adventure of one man who was in the middle of it all; Arthur Ransome, a young British journalist who had first run away to Russia to collect fairy tales.

Told as three linked novellas, part one captures the days of revolution but retells the story as Russian Fairy Tale, with typical humour and unashamed brutality. Part two is a spy story, set over the course of one evening, as Ransome faces up to his biggest challenge, and part three is a love story, full of tragedy and hope, as every good Russian love story should be.

Marcus Sedgwick was born in Kent, England. Marcus is a British author and illustrator as well as a musician. He is the author of several books, including Witch Hill and The Book of Dead Days, both of which were nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award. The most recent of these nominations rekindled a fascination with Poe that has borne fruit here in (in The Restless Dead, 2007) the form of "The Heart of Another" - inspired by Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart." Of his story, Sedgwick says, "This was one of those stories that I thought might be a novel originally but actually was much better suited to the tight form of the short story. I had the initial idea some years ago but was just waiting for the right ingredient to come along. Poe's story, as well as his own fascination with technique, provided that final piece of the puzzle."

 He used to play for two bands namely playing the drums for Garrett and as the guitarist in an ABBA tribute group. He has published novels such as
Floodland (winner of the Branford Boase Award in 2001) and The Dark Horse (shortlisted for The Guardian Children's Book Award 2002).

Win a set of Marcus Sedgwick's books: BLOOD RED SNOW WHITE, THE GHOSTS OF HEAVEN and MIDWINTERBLOOD (US Only)

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Movie Review: 20th Century Fox's Keeping Up with the Joneses - #JonesesMovie

Keeping Up with the Joneses
Release: October 21, 2016
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Greg Mottola
Written by: Michael LeSieur
Producers: Laurie Macdonald, Walter F. Parkes
Cast: Zach Galifianakis, Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, Gal Gadot
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SNAPCHAT: JonesesMovie
HASHTAG: #JonesesMovie
An ordinary suburban couple (Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher) finds it’s not easy keeping up with the Joneses (Jon Hamm, Gal Gadot) – their impossibly gorgeous and ultra-sophisticated new neighbors – especially when they discover that Mr. and Mrs. “Jones” are covert operatives.

It isn’t every day that Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) star in a movie together.  It is more rare that either would star in a physical comedy movie.  Throw-in Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher, a funny plot and bucket of popcorn and Keeping Up with the Joneses makes for a fun movie night out. Or does it? I went back and forward with this film.

The premise sounds funny.  Two busy-body suburbanites inadvertently discover their new neighbors are covert spies.  Hilarity ensues.   But it didn’t.  I wasn’t hysterically laughing throughout the film.  I expected more.  Zach Galifianakis is usually a funny physical comedian.  He wasn’t very physical in this one.   He was more of a touchy feely character, and it bored me.  Isla Fisher tried almost too hard to do the physical bits, and they still weren’t funny.  I liked Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot in their roles, but they weren’t supposed to be the funny ones.  So, they weren’t funny.  Don’t get me wrong.  There were a few times when the audience laughed.  It was not as many times as I would expect, given the plot.  

The action was fun and outlandish.  There is chase scene which is five kinds of impossible, but fun.  I always get a big kick out of spy gadgets in movies.  Like the comedy, I wish there had been more of them in Keeping Up with the Jones.

At the end of the film, I felt as if the whole thing fell short of the expectations I had.  The trailers looked hilarious.  Unfortunately, the funniest sketches in the movies are all in the trailers. The writing wasn't great.  The plot played unevenly and  I’m not sure that these four actors belonged in a move together. 

It wasn’t necessarily a bad movie, just a cute  and sort of “meh.” But I don’t think everyone needs to rush-out to see it in the theaters.  I feel like this one would have played better if I was in my living room with my Snuggy and a bowl of (inexpensive) popcorn.  If you’re still up for Keeping Up with the Joneses, you can find it in theaters Friday.

Book Review: The Making of Outlander: The Official Guide to Seasons 1 & 2 by Tara Bennett

The Making of Outlander: The Official Guide to Seasons 1 & 2
Author: Tara Bennett
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Illustration
Released: October 18th 2016
Review Source: Delacorte Press

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the first two seasons of Outlander with this official, fully illustrated companion to the hit Starz television series based on the bestselling novels. It was only a matter of time before Diana Gabaldon s bestselling Outlander saga made the leap from book to hit TV series, and the millions of readers captivated by the epic romance of Claire Beauchamp Randall and Jamie Fraser have eagerly followed.

Now the must-watch drama has inspired this must-have guide, which reveals that it takes a village (or perhaps a Scottish isle) to bring the breathtaking world of Outlander to life in front of our eyes. Spanning the first two seasons of the Starz network sensation, The Making of Outlander leads readers behind the scenes and straight into the action as cast members, writers, producers, musicians, costume designers, set decorators, technicians, and more share the many adventures and challenges they face to make this sweeping saga come alive on the screen.

In exclusive interviews, the show s stars, including Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Sam Heughan (Jamie), and Tobias Menzies (Frank Randall/Black Jack Randall), discuss the daunting task of embodying some of fiction s most beloved characters and satisfying the high expectations of devoted Outlander readers. Executive producer and showrunner Ronald D. Moore looks at the inner workings of the writers room, shares his crew s travels to the authentic overseas locations, and chronicles the brainstorming, building, breakneck pacing, and boundless energy that make everything from the show s architecture to its outfits period-perfect. In addition, the book examines all the Outlander episodes through exclusive interviews with their writers and directors, providing fascinating facts into the making of each hour.

Best of all, The Making of Outlander offers a veritable feast of lavish photographs including an array of images spotlighting the stars in all their characters grandeur and up-close personal portraits. Featuring an introduction by Diana Gabaldon herself, this magnificent insider s look at the world of the Outlander TV series is the companion all fans will want by their side."

If you're a fan of Outlander, then you need this book in your hands right now!

The Making of Outlander was made for fans. It will make you feel like you know all the in and outs  of this amazing show. If you are truly a fan of the show, trust me, you will feel like you are part of the crew. And if you're simply into learning how shows are made, then this is also for you. Like Game of Thrones, Outlander is one of rare adaptions that are adapted well. So you must be curious how such successful shows are made.

From the very beginning, we know it has taken couple of years to make this book series come to life. Thankfully. Now with the advance technology, making this world come to life, the one from the past is the right time. We come to learn the depth of the fascinating background, cast, costumes, music/soundtrack and even the writing. We get inside the designers and directors' mind thru each episode of Season 1 and 2. Yes, this literally gives you a background of each episode. Which you may think is a lot, but since I am selfish, I wanted more.

Some of my favorite parts of this book were the short biographies of some of the cast and how they came about in learning about Outlander. In addition to their biographies, we learn how they were cast and how they prepared for the role. Obviously, Sam Heughan aka Jaime's section was my favorite. This charming actor is the perfect adoring character. We all love Jaime and we couldn't be grateful that Sam has been perfectly fitted into this role. Sam is Jaime and Jaime is Sam. That is the only explanation. He has time-traveled to our world to play this role. I wish I could tell you more about his part, but it is so worth getting the book and read his part. So be sure to pick it up if you haven't done so yet.

The Making of Outlander is a fantastic guide for fans. Trust me, you will love it as much as you love Jaime. Don't miss out and get your copy now.

Book Review: The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter

The Close You Come
Original Hearbreakers Series #1
Author: Gena Showalter
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: 31st March 2015
Review Source: Harlequin | Netgalley

New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter introduces the Original Heartbreakers, where three not-quite-reformed bad boys are about to meet the women who will bring them to their knees.

Just released from prison, Jase Hollister has a dark and twisted past. And now, he has only one goal: stay out of trouble. Strawberry Valley, Oklahoma, sounds like the perfect place for him and his two brothers-by-circumstance to settle down and live a nice, simple life. But model citizen isn’t exactly this rugged bachelor’s default setting—especially when it comes to a certain hot-blooded Southern beauty…

Brook Lynn Dillon has always been responsible. Not that it’s done her much good. The down-on-her-luck waitress is broke, single and fun-deprived. Until Jase comes along. He is dangerous, stunningly protective, breathtakingly sexy and as tempting as sin, and the passion sizzling between them is undeniable. But can it melt her resistance? After all, the right kind of trouble might be just what they both need.

I feel like I repeat myself on every Gena Showalter novel, but what can I say, the woman is my hero. The Closer You Come was a fabulous first installment to the Original Heartbreakers series. I originally read this book a while ago but thought nothing of it to review it, then I realised something...this is the first series by one of my favourite authors which isn't paranormally involved. We've had immortal possessed demons, reject angels, zombie fighters, three individual series connected by aliens, awesome fantasy series', mythological creatures and humans with superpowers but no raw, "normal" contemporary.

I enjoyed The Closer You Come as much as any of the authors novels. We got a glimpse of the upcoming characters from The One You Want #0.5 and I was very happy that Jase was the star of this book. Jase has just been released from prison and is trying to make a life for himself after almost a decade behind bars. Him and his two best friends move to a small town in Oklahoma. He wants to bury his past, set his routes and attempt to make life for himself-something he could never do before.

Brook has lived in Strawberry Valley her whole life. Life is hard for Brook. In between a reckless sister, Jessie Kay, who not only causes Brook Lynn a lot of grief and makes it hard for her to hold down a job, but being her sisters only living family member left it makes Brook Lynn's responsibility to keep her sister safe, even when she spends all free time partying in bars and drinking herself into oblivion.

The characters were so much fun to get to know. The author has a crafty sense of humour, keeping my smiling at the pages. Jase and Brook Lynn's exchanges were fun, cute and compatible like two peas in a pod. The slow build of their relationship and tensions kept me on my toes, and it was well worth the wait when things kicked into gear and they got together.

Fans of Gena Showalter will love this additional series. It's different from what the author usually writes but just as delicious. The Closer You Come was fun, sexy, sweet with a dash of suspense. It's a definite recommended read.

Book Blast: The Best Friend by Shalini Boland + Teaser

OUaT is excited to share this book blast for author Shalini Boland. 

The Best Friend
Release Date: October 20th 2016
Publisher: Adrenalin Books
They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer . . . Wrong.

Louisa’s new best friend has it all – the house, the status, the money. But she’s also hiding a dark secret. And as Louisa is drawn deeper into her friend’s life, events take a chilling turn . . .

Check Out Michael Fassbender in the New Assassin's Creed Poster Revealed - #AssassinsCreedMovie

Pretty Epic Right???

New Regency and 20th Century Fox have just revealed a NEW Trailer and Poster for the upcoming film, ASSASSIN'S CREED, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

Check out the NEW TRAILER:

ASSASSIN'S CREED hits theaters everywhere on December 21, 2016!

Release: December 21, 2016
Director: Justin Kurzel
Screenplay by: Michael Lesslie & Adam Cooper & Bill Collage (Credits not final), Based on the "ASSASSIN'S CREED" Game Series
Producers:  Jean-Julien Baronnet, Gérard Guillemot, Frank Marshall, p.g.a., Patrick Crowley, Michael Fassbender, p.g.a, Conor McCaughan, Arnon Milchan
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Charlotte Rampling, Michael K. Willaims, Khalid Abdalla

Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain.  Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day.
ASSASSIN'S CREED stars Academy Award® nominee Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 12 Years a Slave) and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises, La Vie en Rose). The film is directed by Justin Kurzel (Snowtown, Macbeth); produced by New Regency, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, DMC Films and Kennedy/Marshall; co-financed by RatPac Entertainment and Alpha Pictures; and distributed by 20th Century Fox . ASSASSIN'S CREED opens in theaters worldwide on December 21st, 2016.

ASSASSIN'S CREED Official Channels
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