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Welcome to our stop on An Inheritance of Ashes tour for Leah Bobet. This tour is hosted by Rockstar Book Tour.

An Inheritance of Ashes
Author: Leah Bobet
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal
Released: October 6th 2015
Publisher: Clarion Books

The strange war down south—with its rumors of gods and monsters—is over. And while sixteen-year-old Hallie and her sister wait to see who will return from the distant battlefield, they struggle to maintain their family farm.

When Hallie hires a veteran to help them, the war comes home in ways no one could have imagined, and soon Hallie is taking dangerous risks—and keeping desperate secrets. But even as she slowly learns more about the war and the men who fought it, ugly truths about Hallie’s own family are emerging. And while monsters and armies are converging on the small farm, the greatest threat to her home may be Hallie herself.


Tell us about An Inheritance of Ashes in 20 words or less.
An Inheritance of Ashes is dustbowl epic fantasy thrown into a YA thrown into weird fiction at very high speeds.

What was the most challenging, and the most enjoyable aspect of writing An Inheritance of Ashes, and why?
Ashes was a challenging book overall, but the part that needed the most attention was probably the voice.  Hallie has a very plain-spoken voice, but there's a lot of emotion behind it, and balancing her tendencies—making sure readers could tell that this is where she is emotionally now, not where she's always been or will always be—with my own love of more poetic sentences made writing her a struggle for a long time.  I threw out a lot of words trying to find this book's identity, and I won't pretend that wasn't a frustrating learning curve.

The most enjoyable, though?  The sheer amount of absolutely weird stuff I got to throw in.  Giant walking tree made out of deer horns?  Yup.  Lizards with fox ears?  Go for it.  An army trying to figure out how to fight a god that's basically a giant whirling sandstorm?  Sure!

I like creatures.  I love that I got to run wild a little with the Twisted Things and just make them flat-out messed up.  And the part of me that's a China Mieville and Jeffrey Ford reader—and an occasional horror writer—really likes the kind of weird stuff that makes everything in a story feel a little tilted and uncanny.  Going absolutely all-out on building a sense of the strange kept me in joy all the way through writing An Inheritance of Ashes.

Do you have a deleted scene from An Inheritance of Ashes that you could share with us? If not maybe you could share your favorite short teaser from An Inheritance of Ashes?
Here's a bit that ended up, unfortunately, on the cutting room floor:
"What do you need me to do?"
I rubbed my eyes.  No one had milked the goats, or gathered the eggs.  Chores, I thought.  I was so tired, and there was still no time to sleep.  "You don't have to do anything."
"I know," he said patiently.  "The thing is, I want to."
"You should talk to your sister about that," I said.
His chin firmed up.  "I did.  We spent a few good hours on it this morning."
I stopped in the snow.  Coolly, baldly, incredulously.  "Then how can you be offering that?  How can you be okay with what I did?"
Tyler planted the rake and wheeled on me.  "I'm not okay.  I'm terrified, and I'm furious," he said, clipped and short.  "But I saw a god die once before, not six months back.  I saw the desert drain into a hole, and the world un-end.  This isn't over.  I will not act like it's over until I'm dead on the ground."
I reached out for him, instinctively; he twined a hand through my cold-pruned fingers.  "Keep walking for another day, huh?"
"That," he said, "yeah.  And other things."
I felt, like a memory, the tingle of his mouth on mine.  "Why?" I asked, stark.
"I told you—" he started.
"No," I said.  "Me.  This.  Why?"
He paused—thinking, not stalling, I realized.  "Because I don't think you'd hate me if I pushed you in the lake, and you don't tell my secrets.  We respect each other.  Because you're not okay, but you're smart enough to know that, and you're trying to be.  Because you hold me up to my own standards," he said, with starkly vulnerable eyes.  "Because you're gross.  Because you're you."
My eyes blurred with sudden tears.  He reached down and stroked my hair, soothing as a long sleep.  "I really have to milk the goats now."
"Okay," he said quietly.  "You should do that, then."
"How about a cup of tea?" I asked, unsteadily.  "I could use a cup of tea."
He looked down at me, eyes steady and broken and careworn.  "Then a cup of tea's what I'll make you."
The distance between people, I thought, is farther than the distance between stars.  But there is such thing as a constellation.


If you could give one book to everyone (other than your own), which would it be?
That's tricky!  I also work as a bookseller—at Bakka-Phoenix Books, which is Canada's oldest independent science fiction and fantasy store—and so it's pretty drummed into me that there's no such thing as one book that's going to be right for everyone.  For me, it's more about finding the right book for that reader, that day—making a good match.

My own favourite book right now, though, is Erin Bow's The Scorpion Rules, which just came out at the end of September.  By page 8 I was already floored: It's brilliant YA science fiction in which peace is enforced on the future world by an AI, Talis, who takes the heir to every nation as a hostage, medieval Europe-style.  It is such a smart book, so clearly written and with so much to say for itself.  It's just a masterpiece, and given the right readers, it's what I'm going to be handselling hard at the store this fall.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
I think that I'm still growing; I'm still a work in progress.  I can look back and see that I'm smarter, braver, kinder, happier, and more generous than I was five years ago, and five years ago I was smarter, braver, kinder, happier, and more generous than I was five years before that.
Growing is hard.  We don't give it credit for being hard: Examining your assumptions, learning your worst tendencies without kicking yourself for them, and just working on becoming more the person you want to be.

So, yes: I think my greatest accomplishment is finding a good direction to walk in, however that happened.  Because the consequences of that aren't something done and put away; they'll keep coming as long as I keep walking.

Leah Bobet is a bookseller, publisher, and editor as well as a Pushcart-Prize nominated author. She lives in Toronto.

3 winners will receive a finished copy of AN INHERITANCE OF ASHES. US Only.

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Blog Tour: A Shot Of Reckless by Maddie Paige + Giveaway

Welcome to our stop on the A Shot Of Reckless tour for Maddie Paige. This tour is hosted by Me, My Shelf and I.

A Shot Of Reckless
Author: Maddie Paige
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Romance
Released: October 14 2015
Review Source: Elephantine Publishing

Art major, Roxy Thompson, is a ball of fun—but she's also careful to keep her walls intact when it comes to men. She likes relationships just like her coffee: light and sweet. After having her heart shattered once before, she’s determined not to ever feel that broken again.

College senior, Lake Foster, is just tempting enough to make Roxy rethink her rules of engagement. Suddenly, high-dollar shots and a no-strings night out aren't enough anymore. But Lake isn't looking for long-term. His future is set, and in four months, he intends to graduate and leave Georgia—and everything in it—behind. Luckily, short-term fun is Roxy’s specialty, and Lake can’t resist what he promises will be a fleeting taste.

Will Roxy and Lake really walk away when their time is up? They only have one shot to find out.
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Roxy has lived her life in constant fear of trusting others just to have them throw that trust away. After a high school boyfriend betrayed her trust she turns into a girl who wants no strings attached, not realizing what she is missing. Lake has dealt with people all around him who have only been able to self-destruct and he loves to help them, but is tired of needing to do it all the time. When the two meet they never expect anything to come from it, but over time they seem to only be able to think about each other. With Roxy always pushing him away, Lake has to try his hardest to make her change her mind? Can he do it, or is this just another person Lake is watching self-destruct?

Let's start with this: Hot, Sexy, Heart-Wrenching, Feel good, Adorable, FANTASTIC! Honestly this book was better than I anticipated. If you're a fan of feel good romances or if you're a hopeless romantic yourself you'll want to pick this up. Lake takes his chances on his Pop Rox and Roxy comes out of her shell. All of the characters show growth throughout the book - although some of them are a little more sudden than others, I still enjoyed it.

Roxy is witty, the first chapter you immediately fall in love with her character. She's the badass who doesn't think twice. She does what she wants, in this case sells her ex's belongings, and she doesn't look back. Then when she starts flirting with Lake she has this power to her that makes me wish I had her ability when it came to flirting.  Lake calling Roxy, Pop Rox only made me want to change my name to something so that an amazingly gorgeous guy can nickname me something as adorable as that. Like Bri....the best a guy can do is call me Brie Cheese...and I've been called that my whole life so I hate it now and would probably punch a guy who called me that. So now I'm basically wanting to change my name to Roxy just to be called Pop Rox.

Honestly with stories like this I always want more at the end. I want more of the story. I feel like, most of the time, I just want to be completely 100% sure that these characters are getting their happy ending. I know that most readers will take a book ending and continue thinking about their story and create their own ending for the characters. And I am also one of those people. But sometimes I just want the author to help me out, be like "Ten Years Later" or even "12 months later" and I'd be happy.

Writing duo Maddie Paige bonded over books, shirtless boys and Step Up movies. One lives for
her coffee while the other prefers hot chocolate. Both lovers of romance, they tag teamed a
manuscript over late nights at Steak 'n Shake. They live in Atlanta, GA and A Shot of Reckless
is their debut.


1 Winner will get:

2 signed books by authors tbd
Plus a basket of our character Roxy’s fave things:
Cookies, Coffee mug, Fave scarf , Her necklace, A trusty shot
A DVD of fave hot shirtless boy movie, and the much important sketch journal

Must be 13+ To Enter | Ships in US only

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Book Review: The Detour by S.A. Bodeen

The Detour
Author: S.A. Bodeen
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Mystery
Released: October 6th 2015
Review Source: Feiwel & Friends


On her way to a writer’s conference, a bestselling teenage author takes a detour that has been deliberately set up by her biggest fans—a mother and daughter who kidnap her.

Livvy Flynn is a big deal—she’s a New York Times-bestselling author whose YA fiction has sold all over the world. She’s rich, she’s famous, she’s gorgeous, and she’s full of herself.

When she’s invited to an A-list writer’s conference, she decides to accept so she can have some time to herself. She’s on a tight deadline for her next book, and she has no intention of socializing with the other industry people at the conference.

And then she hits the detour. Before she knows it, her brand new car is wrecked, she’s hurt, and she’s tied to a bed in a nondescript shack in the middle of nowhere. A woman and her apparently manic daughter have kidnapped her. And they have no intention of letting her go.

The Detour is about a Young Adult author who happens to think she is better than everyone. As a young and successful lady, Livvy is a very stuck up character. She is the perfect character to dislike. On her way to a writer’s conference, Livvy gets into a car accident and is injured. She sees a creepy and weird girl on the road and little does she knows this girl will make her life miserable.

So let’s talk about Livvy. This story goes back and forth between her present and past. It tells us how Livvy became successful and what her YA book is about. If you pay attention to the details, then you will figure out the outcome from the very first flashback. Now, although the story was predictable, it was engaging. However, my issue with this story is how short it is. All you read is how annoying Livvy is. I mean this girl thinks the world revolves around her! Sure, she is successful at a young age. But come on, at least be grateful. I honestly believed I would get to read more of her being sorry and redeemed herself, however we get very little of this.

The Detour is short, a very quick read, which is good. Although I’d wished it would’ve been a bit longer to provide us more of the “good” Livvy. The story does contain a mystery, but if you pay attention to the details, then you know what will happen.

Overall, I liked The Detour. I hated Livvy, seriously, I wanted to slap her so many times! Which is great because that is the purpose of the story. To hate the character only to like her at the end. Although, I somewhat kind of liked her. It has a creepy vibe, perfect for Fall!

Thank you, ReadingTeen for the copy!

#FierceReads @BooksandBooks Week Blitz: Interview with @LeilaSalesBooks

The fun continues with exclusive Books and Books' South Florida Bloggers interview with Leila Sales! Tomorrow we will be sharing Josephine Angelini, so make sure to check us out (Owl Always be Reading, Books & Swoon, Bookcrastinators In Wonderland, Dapper Animals blog, and Booknerds Across America).

Tonight the Streets Are Ours
Author: Leila Sales
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Released: September 15th 2015
Review Source: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Recklessly loyal.

That’s how seventeen-year-old Arden Huntley has always thought of herself. Caring for her loved ones is what gives Arden purpose in her life and makes her feel like she matters. But lately she’s grown resentful of everyone—including her needy best friend and her absent mom—taking her loyalty for granted.

Then Arden stumbles upon a website called Tonight the Streets Are Ours, the musings of a young New York City writer named Peter, who gives voice to feelings that Arden has never known how to express. He seems to get her in a way that no one else does, and he hasn’t even met her.

Until Arden sets out on a road trip to find him.

During one crazy night out in New York City filled with parties, dancing, and music—the type of night when anything can happen, and nearly everything does—Arden discovers that Peter isn’t exactly who she thought he was. And maybe she isn’t exactly who she thought she was, either.

1. What are 5 random facts about yourself?

1 – I type using only two fingers.
2 – My middle name is a boy’s name.
3 – I can recite the name of every student in my high school class in alphabetical order.
4 – I own more than 100 original My Little Ponies.
5 – For five years I received so many text messages from strangers that I started a blog about them:

2. If you were hosting a literary dinner party, which six authors or characters would you invite? 

I’d invite my closes author friends: Rebecca Serle, Lauren Oliver, Jocelyn Davies, Courtney Sheinmel, Lexa Hillyer, and Jess Rothenberg. Whenever we hang out together, we always have a blast and laugh so hard and inspire each other. What more could I want out of a dinner party?

3. What can you tell us about your new book, Tonight the Streets Are Ours and what do you hope readers take from it?

TONIGHT THE STREETS ARE OURS is about a teen girl who becomes fascinated with a blogger from afar. Based on what he writes about his life, he seems perfect—he seems to get her in a way that nobody who knows her in real life does. So she sets out on a road trip with her best friend to track him down in person. Over the course of one epic night in New York City, she comes to realize that he’s not exactly who she expected him to be based on his online persona. There’s a lot that I’d like readers to take away from this book, but one of the main ideas is that everyone lies by omission online. The way people present themselves online is a curated version of themselves, and you should try to understand that whatever you’re seeing there is only one part of their whole life story.  

Make sure to add the live stream on your calendar!

I was born in 1984, and I grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts, with my parents and our cat. When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be a writer, actress, or singer. The writing part turned out to be easiest to accomplish, since it turns out I can’t really carry a tune, though I can do a pretty compelling karaoke rendition of “Hey Mickey.”

I wrote and illustrated approximately one million picture books when I was in elementary school, all of them about unicorns or cats or princesses, or princess unicorns who were best friends with princess cats. When I was seven, I wrote a longer story about quintuplets named Marissa, Larissa, Clarissa, Melissa, and Alyssa. The quintuplets were not princesses, but they did get invited to a royal ball.

During middle school and high school, I wrote five unpublished YA novels. I also acted in plays, competed in gymnastics meets and debate tournaments, babysat, and did an awful lot of schoolwork. My favorite school subject was math, and my worst subject was either science or Spanish.

I went to college at the University of Chicago, where I majored in psychology. I also performed in Off-Off Campus (an improvisational and sketch comedy troupe), competed in debate tournaments all over the world, helped judge the world’s largest scavenger hunt, and wrote a humor column for the school paper. And I wrote another unpublished YA novel, for which I was awarded the Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prize for Fiction Writing.

After graduating, I got a job at a children’s book publishing company in New York City, where I remain to this day. My first novel was published in 2010, and since then, I’ve just kept working on more. During the daytime I read other people’s books, and during the nighttime I write my own. What more could I need?


#ThrowbackThursday: Once Upon a First #AnimateMiami Con

Throwback Thursday is the theme of the day! We share with you our adventures throughout book signings, world premieres, mall tours and many others.

A book began the bond of a lifetime...

Today on Throwback Thursday we are sharing with you Taimara’s attendance to her first con: the first ever Animate Miami.

October is one of the best months of the year: it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, a lot of people I know and love’s birthdays are this month, and on its last day, we celebrate my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween. But, now October is also the month in which we get to attend for three whole days yet another geeky convention here in Miami: Animate Miami.

Animate Miami, as it says in their website, prides itself in being a different type of convention, for it is mainly focused on Anime, Animation, Cosplay, Video Games, and Comic Books. Most comic cons (yes, there are tons more comic cons other than the infamous San Diego one) are about all things that are now considered pop culture (but back in the days when they started, we nerds were the pariah of society, but how beautifully life changes!), such as collectible and the latest comic books, movies, TV shows, other books, and merchandise based on said comic books.

So, this week’s #TBT is to when I attended the first ever Animate Miami back in January 2014, which was so successful that they decided to make it an annual con (but, due to some dating conflicts and whatnot, they actually had their second con October of the same year, and decided to keep it for that month every year thereafter). I was SO excited to attend this con because it also was my very first con ever (I then went to the San Diego Comic Con that same year, but that’s for another post), and it lived up to my expectations.

When I arrived, I realized how at home I felt with all these people who love the same things I do and that don’t care that it’s the middle of January and still wore amazing costumes and cosplays!

Here are some of the cool and creative cosplays I saw there:

The Justice League

Harley Quinn and The Joker

I laughed so much with this Stormtrooper

A Sith Lord and a Jedi got into a fight but I broke it up

This is parenting done right!

Awesome Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi cosplay!

Learned an important lesson that day: never piss of Thor

I also wanted my bank account to be endless, for I wanted to buy so much cool merchandise they had there: tee shirts, earrings, house décor, Funkos, necklaces, posters, you name it!

Check out some of the cool stuff I saw there:

My friend actually got this incredible replica of Link's shield and sword

So many tee shirts I wanted!

I laughed a little too hard at this drawing

I got my very own drawing of Captain America and Iron Man fist bumping, signed by one of the original artist from when their comic books started to be sold

Catch Rixi and me at this year’s Animate Miami, which will be taking place the weekend of October 23rd to the 25th at the Miami Airport Convention Center and Doubletree Hotel. Don’t miss out on this super fun convention and go get your tickets now here.

All pictures were taken by Eddie de Jesus

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