Blog Tour: The Lilac Sky by Diana Gardin + Excerpt

Author: Diana Gardin
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Science fiction | Fantasy Romance
Released: February 14, 2017
Review Source:  ARC

“Do you hear me, Isla? Survive.”

Those are the last words seventeen-year-old Isla hears from her parents. She’s placed into a cylinder craft and catapulted through space, saying goodbye to them and her precious, dying Earth.

Crash-landing on a foreign planet, Isla stumbles into a striking Troman warrior, Rygen. He is shocked to discover a human deep in the jungles of his planet but with his home in political turmoil, he has no desire to assist the weak creature.

Knowing that she’ll never survive without them, Isla convinces Rygen and his comrades to escort her, but she has no time to catch her breath. The dangerous journey navigating the rugged, lush terrain of Troma with the strong and brooding Rygen is only the beginning of Isla’s battle.

Isla never dreamed her very existence would threaten to throw the foreign planet into a gruesome revolution. Hunted by radicals as she discovers her dormant powerful Gift, Isla fights not only for survival but also for the her heart’s true desire. But only time will tell if she can truly endure on a hostile planet where her kind just doesn’t fit.

The Lilac Sky, by Diana Gardin, is truly one of a kind.  This book grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go for even one minute.  I can honestly say I have never read anything like it which is sooooooo refreshing!

The story starts with Isla, a 17 year old girl, being shoved into a cylinder craft and sent into space while the destruction of earth takes place.  She crash lands onto a completely foreign planet where she meets Rygen.  Having bigger problems, he doesn't want to help Isla but decides to anyways.  The journey that awaits them is not something either of them could fathom.

I absolutely love the crazy, insane ride this book takes you on.  It is an action packed, full of emotion roller coaster ride that I did not want to get off.  I love Isla and how much she grows during the book.  She has her world irrevocably changed and her life flipped upside down but manages to continue to deal with things and show her strenght.  I of course love Rygen, as well.  The strong, mysterious, brooding types are always my favorite.

I'm rating this book 4.5 stars because I couldn't put it down.  It fully held my attention from the very first page.  I loved the world Diana created and let me live in for a little while and I cannot WAIT for the next book.


"Where are we?” Curiosity coats my tone as I glance at Ebin.
He’s staring at the doors. “This is my family’s apartment.”
Surprise causes me to reel back a step. “And why are we here?”
His eyes narrow as he scans my face. “I am not sure.”
Placing my hands on the doors, I trace the ornate markings with my fingers. The doors capture me, pulling me toward them with the force of their very being. I move closer as I feel vibrations beneath my fingertips, a song that only the bronze metal knows.
I lean my cheek against the cool metallic covering, feeling the rhythms under my skin.
Inside my soul.
My lips part and I whisper a song I never even knew I had inside me.
The words flow seamlessly from my lips to the doors, as if I’d known the lyrics all my life. And when I’m done, the door disappears, giving me entrance into Ebin’s apartment.
I step back, astonishment filling me up until I’m in danger of bursting.
“What the heck did I just do?” My whisper drifts around in the fog of my unexpected accomplishment.
Ebin steps up beside me. When I look at him, the expression on his face is one of wonder. Of shock. Of awe.
“You just gained un-permitted entry into my home. With your voice.”


Diana Gardin is the author of Romance in a multitude of age ranges and genres. Her works include the Ashes Series, the Nelson Island Series, and the Battle Scars series. Upcoming works include the Rescue Ops Series (Battle Scars spinoff coming in June 2017) and The Lilac Sky (The Troma Chronicles Book 1).
Diana loved writing at a young age, but decided to try and make a career out of it in 2012 while staying home with her first child. When she’s not writing, you can usually find Diana watching one of her Netflix Obsessions, spending time with her family, or drinking wine with friends.

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