SO let start today with just some chit chat I guess,lol. So this coming weekend, i will be going to New Orleans to attend Vampire baseball. Im very excited about this. The whole family is coming along and we are making it a weekend trip to NOLA. We arrive Friday which I plan to attend a midnight release dvd party that night, probably borders, since I need that collectors DvD to match my Twilight one. I also get to meet more Twilightmoms from LA.

So the game is Saturday and it starts around 1030am. I grab us seats in front of the dugout to see the actors come in and out. Hey maybe they will see my boys with their Team Wolf shirts on and throw something at us. A girl can always dream. Then after the game start the pictures. I will be taking pictures with Daniel Cudmore (OMJ Colossus Xmen) also known as Felix. I will also be taking a picture with Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley). I wanted to take a picture with Lafayette also from True Blood but i think i will be pushing it to much with my family since they have to wait for me to be done to leave.

I will be tweeting and facebooking of course from their and posting pictures as the game progress. Its a shame Pete wont be going this time, I wanted my mom to meet him so bad, thats her fave Cullen.

We wont be staying for the concert afterwards, we wanted to sightsee as much as we could after the game. I will finally get to see the famous Bourban Street and French Quarter.

So stay tuned and you will get play by play on Saturday!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This sounds so exciting! I wanna go!

  2. Have a wonderufl time! BTW Chaske's Sam ;)

  3. agghh! I hate it that I won't be able to go.. I was looking forward to it and I looooove NOLA! =(

  4. ;) honest brain fart. I get them all the time. lol


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