Best I've Read Getting Closer

The time is getting closer for BIR2010! 

Just a reminder that this event has a dedicated special blog just for it so you don't miss any information. You also want to check it out for the special teasers we have been posting and some early giveaways! 

(click the link)

Also you will notice on our blog we made a special tab just for BIR2010, so when the event starts on the December 6th you can find all the post for BIR2010 easily. Trust me the tab was needed since we will be bringing you all over 40+ post/giveaways! 

Here are just a few that will make you happy!

  • Shannon Delany - author of 13 to Life

  • Daisy Whitney - author of The Mockingbirds

  • Kiersten White - author of Paranormalcy

  • Becca Fitzpatrick - author Crescendo

  • Jeri Smith-Ready - author of Shade

  • Cassandra Clare - author of Clockwork Angel


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