Book Review: Aphrodite's Kiss

Aphrodite's Kiss
(Time of Your Life)
Author: Julie Kenner
Pages: 352 pgs (kindle edition)
Reading Level: Adult
Review Source: Free eBook Kindle

This is a fun and quick read. This is a Super-hero story where its ends on a happy note of course. You have lots of humor during the book. its a bit predictable if you don't mind that while your reading. The lover story is great, she basically wonders if she will be accepted by him. Go on over to Amazon and you can read it for free if you have the time. I read this book for a reading challenge.

Summary: In order to save the world, a superhero-in-training must overcome not only her archenemy, but her fear of falling in love with the handsome detective who can help her.


  1. Free is good - and I don't know why but I like that cover. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  2. Yes Free is good. Amazon has a few free ones that look promising.


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