Book Tour: Trickster's Girl Author's Playlist

Trickster's Girl Author's Playlist

We continue the tour today with the Author's playlist and if you missed yesterday we featured a review. CLICK HERE for Trickster's Girl review. 

Please list 3-5 songs you listened to while writing or that you think relate to the book.  
I'm going to be a terrible responder for this topic, because I don't ever listen to music while I write--and I don't really think of music in terms of relating to my books.  I could name some songs, but they'd probably be pretty random. 
I know that a lot of writers do listen to music while they write, but it would make me a bit nervous about my final product--music has a huge influence on your emotions, and my guess is that the writers who do this also hear that music playing in their minds whenever they reread that scene.  That would make me wonder if the words I'd written would have the same emotional impact on readers who aren't imagining the musical score--because ultimately, your readers won't have the sound track. 
As a side note, because I found it interesting, at a writers conference once a writer was advocating writing to music, particularly when you're stuck.  She had us write brief exercises matching music that was sad, or exciting, or joyous.  Then she asked us to compose a light scene about two women shopping, and played creepy music while we worked--and it was almost impossible.  I managed to do it, but I had to really work to tune the music out completely, and it kept trying to creep in around the edges. 
Music has a huge influence over your emotions--and I really prefer not to write "under the influence."

A Big Thank You to Hilari Bell and to The Teen {Book} Scene 

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