Movie Review: Kick- Ass

Director: Matthew Vaughn
Cast: Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz- Plasse, Chloe Moretz, Nicholas Cage, Mark Strong
Runtime: 117 mins
Rating: R
Released: April 16th 2010

This movie was just released on DVD. So we saw it last night while the big snow storm was due. Still no snow by the way. I had no clue that this movie was rated R until I went to rent it from Redbox. I thought being a comic book themed movie it was safe for kids. Well its not, You loose count of the F-words and others. The violence is pretty strong also and a big graphic. Its a mixed of Kill Bill meets Spiderman. The humor is great, I really like the main character Dave or Kick-Ass. Hit-Girl is another chaarcter I was a bit shocked with. She is a 11 year old and she is the child version of Uma Thurman from Kill Bill. Just chopping and killing people to pieces. Big Daddy is played by Nicholas Cage and I think his character lack some for me. So basically if you are in the mood for action and humor and don;t care about the violence and language then grab it and watch it.

Plot: (from amazon) “How come nobody’s ever tried to be a superhero?” When Dave Lizewski – ordinary New York teenager and rabid comic-book geek – dons a green-and-yellow Internet-bought wetsuit to become the no-nonsense vigilante Kick-Ass, he soon finds an answer to his own question: because it hurts. But, over coming all the odds, the eager yet inexperienced Dave quickly becomes a phenomenon, capturing the imagination of the public. However, he’s not the only superhero out there – the fearless and highly trained father-daughter crime-fighting duo, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, have been slowly but surely taking down the criminal empire of local mafioso Frank D’Amico. And, as Kick-Ass gets drawn into their no-holds-barred world of bullets and bloodletting with Frank’s son Chris, now reborn as Kick-Ass’s arch-nemesis Red Mist, the stage is set for a final showdown between the forces of good and evil, in which the DIY hero will have to live up to his name. Or die trying…


  1. OH-EMM-GEE hahah I LOVED this movie! It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be super corny like Super Bad. That little girl TOTES kicked ass! Now I want to watch this again, plus I have a mega crush on Nick Cage!

    PS I love Red Box! lol

  2. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed with it. I had heard such great things about it and I just felt like it didn't live up to the buzz (and I was also pretty surprised by the language and whatnot- I totally felt weird watching it with my parents)... Great review regardless!

  3. Nicholas Cage is my Fave! Love to watch him in Ghost Rider.

  4. i loved this movie and the comics. i was so glad this movie came out on my birthdaysince i loved it so much. and hit girl is so awesome


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