Once upon a Signing: Kristin from My Bookish Ways

Once Upon a Book Signing

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is surviving the cold weather. Today we bring you Kristin from My Bookish Ways blog. She brings is not one but two signings she considers her favorite. 

Kristin: Two of my favorite (out of many) book signings were meeting Steve Niles, author of the 30 Days of Night series, and the Cal McDonald books, and Jaye Wells, author of the Sabina Kane series. I was afraid of asking Steve to sign all of my books (I think I had about 7), but when the guy in front of me opened up a bag of about 30 comics, I didn't feel so bad:) He was extremely gracious and accommodating, and posed for a tone of photos.

Kristin: I'm a Jaye Wells stalker from way back, and have been to multiple signings of hers (she's local, lucky me!). She's funny, as sweet as can be and she writes kick-ass books...doesn't get much better than that!

Both signings sound like they were great. Its always great when you show up with several books and the authors don't mind to sign them all. Thanks for sharing with us today. Make sure you visit Kristin;s blog and say Hello! She has a great giveaway going on now for Maria V. Snyder. 

My Bookish Ways


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