Book Review: The Survivors

The Survivors
The Survivors Series #1
Author: Amanda Havard
Pages: 295 pgs
Reading Level: YA
Published: March 28th 2011
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Chafie Press

Summary: (from goodreads) In 1692, when witch trials gripped the community of Salem, Massachusetts, twenty-six children were accused as witches, exiled, and left for dead. Fourteen of them survived.

The Survivors is the first installment of the tantalizing tales of the fourteen ill-fated Survivors and their descendants, who have been content in hiding for over three centuries. Isolated on a Montana mountainside, only Sadie, the rogue daughter, dares to abandon the family's sacred hiding place. But no matter how far Sadie runs, something always pulls her back.

On a muggy summer night in Tennessee, she witnesses a shocking scene that will change her life forever. It is the first in a sequence of events that will drag her from the human world she's sought to belong to for over a century and send her back to her Puritanical family and into an uncertain future filled with cunning witches, mysterious nosferatu shape-shifters, dangerous eretica and vieczy vampires, millennia-old mythology, and the search for her own mortality. After all...


The Survivors will steal your heart and invade your mind. Fall into the pages of Sadie's life, a world so frighteningly similar to your own, you'll find yourself wanting to go to the Montana mountains to find the Survivors for yourself.

And it is only the beginning.

What sounded like a promising 1st Installment of this series, soon became kind of a disappointment.  The first half of the book focused more on the clothing style that the characters wore and the maker of the cars. Little details here and there kept my interest  to continue reading. Later on, the story starts getting more intricate and gives you a better insight in the lives of this family of supernaturals.

The rogue daughter leaves  the self contained puritan coven and goes searching for answers as to what and who they are. In that adventure she finds that there are other supernaturals and  her soul mate is one of them. The loyalty to her family makes her go back to let them know her findings and that is when the complications begin. The author in building the suspense and the  bridge to the other installment to come in the series, leaves in my opinion, a very anticlimactic ending for this one.

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  1. Hm.. This one sounded good lol. I thought the cover was super creepy. Great honest review! =)


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