Lauren Oliver's Signing Recap

Last night on Cinco de Mayo, Lauren Oliver was finally able to come to Houston. Back in March she had to cancel due to crazy arctic weather up north. So with the help of the wonderful staff at Blue Willow Book Shop there was a great turn out last night. A few Texas book bloggers I know attended and also I was able to meet Author Mary Lindsey that was attending in the audience. 

Lauren came out and began talking about her writing background and what it took to be where she is at right now. She gives credit to her father for her writing discipline. She talk about how she will be writing many things at once but usually she will scrap them, its just because she always needs to be writing. Right now she says she is working on 3 projects at once, Requiem (Delirium #3), MG book and a actually Adult book. She was awesome and read straight from her labtop a few paragraphs from Pandemonium (Delirium #2).

She mentioned that Pandemonium will be narrated from two different times at once. You will have when it starts right after Delirium ended and then 6 months down the line. The pieces that she read were so good. Then she said that Requiem will be written from two different point of views, she didn't disclose who the second would be. Then she talk about her MG book called Liesl and Po, that Cynthia from A Blog about Nothing had with her, so Lauren grab it and read the back cover to us. She mentioned this is a very personally book to her because of certain events in her life that have happen. 
My question for Lauren last night was If the ending of Delirium always the original ending or did she change it up. She said that she always writes the beginning and the end first and then fill sin the rest. So the ending was never changed. What a ending it was. Then she talk about Before I Fall's movie status and the future of Delirium. It was just a great night filled with great talk about one of my favorite Dystopian reads and more. I can't wait to see Lauren again at BEA in a few weeks. 

P.S. I grab a signed copy of Delirium to giveaway on the blog soon, so look out for it. xoxo


  1. Lauren was amazing. It was great to meet you in person!

  2. Mindy and I just saw her the day before in Naperville!! Did you see our pics?? Isn't she just the greatest?? And you get to see her again???? LUCKY YOU!!!!! So wish I was going with you!!!

  3. Awesome recap! Sounds like you had a great time!

  4. @ Mary now its your turn to be sitting on the desk talking to us.

    @ Michelle, yes I heard great things about your signing.

    @ Lisa It was great, she is funny and sweet

  5. That is so cool you got to go to her signing!

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  6. Awesome! It was great to see you too! I'm thinking about going to the Neal signing.. Are you? But I've only read Unwind. Still, it was MINDBLOWINGLY amazing, so it'd be great to meet him.

  7. Love Lauren and glad you girls had fun! Thx for posting pics to Literary Lonestars!

  8. Awesome! Can't wait to go to my first book signing in June, love your blog!!

  9. How awesome!! I'm a little jealous you got to hear some of Pandemonium.

    I can't wait for Pandemonium and Liesl and Po!

    Jennifer of Little Shelf


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