Book Review: Werewolf Descent

Werewolf Descent
The Last Witch #2
Author: Elizabeth J. Kolodziej
Pages: 375 pgs
Reading Level: YA
Published: June 15th 2011
Review Source: Author
Available: Barnes & Noble

Summary: (from goodreads) Last witch in the world, Faith Scott, and her Irish vampire boyfriend Trent have just come back from fighting for their lives to recover the Vampiric Blood gem and Werewolf Moon gem. Thinking they could finally relax and work on the romance growing between them, they now meet a mysterious psychic vampire named Vincent who has his heart set on being with Faith. Soon bizarre killings of Zou Tai’s werewolf pack begin, with rumors of an alchemist possessing the famed philosophers stone being the assailant; which, causes Faith to turn to Vincent for help in figuring out why the werewolves are being murdered.
It isn’t long before all those around them test Trent and Faith’s love, along with their abilities, once again. It is all Trent can do to keep Faith safe by his side while both go up against a deadly alchemist, deceptive gods, and having to rescue the werewolf prince; yet, after a deal with the God of Werewolves will Trent be able to save himself too?

Elizabeth has done it AGAIN! What an amazing read! Where she gets all these ideas, I have no clue but keep them coming!!! This story was alluring with all the mysterious twists and turn that I could not figure out. The romantic entanglement that with each turn of a page kept me guessing who will be sucked in the triangle next, entertained me completely. I could not put the book down! And the romantic sections!! Loved those! The story has some new characters and I sensed it taking a new direction which I thought was a great way to continue to the series. Although, I understand the reason behind the ending, I can not go without saying that I wished it ended differently. I loved that character and loved the connection between those two. But only Elizabeth knows where she’s taking this story next, and with what I have read so far, I know she will make it desirably readable. Lets see how this new character develops and how this all turns out. I can not wait until the next book!!! Absolutely in love with this series. With so much going on, there’s no way you can put the book down. It’s amazing how the author can write a story with so much adventure, problems, characters and romance and still keep it easy to read, follow and comprehend. Honestly, folks this is a must read and I highly recommend this series to all Adults!!

When a new vampire (Vincent) comes into town specifically for Faith, Faith learns that there’s a new witch ability she has yet to learn but must awaken quickly if she wants to protect herself from this new vampire. Trent isn’t happy about this new vampire and acquires the help of Morgan (the master vampire) to located and uncover the motives behind this new enemy. If it isn’t enough that there’s a new vampire in town with unknown motives. Werewolves are disappearing and dying of an unknown cause. When an investigator arrives in New York to investigate the Royal Werewolf Family, Zou Tai isn’t happy about it but with all the history and the attraction between the two, things get a little hot. There’s another new character (Lilith) who is being introduced in this story and I believe will be mentioned more in the next book.

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  1. O.M.G.! thank you so much for the review! I am so glad you enjoyed it as much as the first. I can't wait for you to read the third. hehehe.

    <3's and Fangs,
    Liz ^_^


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