New Coven Member!

Today is a happy day on the blog. We welcome our newest coven member Tammy. She will now be a part of the reviewing team here on the blog. I've known Tammy for a few years already and I'm very excited that she is now a part of this wonderful group of woman. You can read Tammy's 411 over on our About Us section. If there is one thing I truly love about my blog is that amazing group of reviewers I have. I can't ask for a better group. 

So there you have it now we are a Coven of 5. 

Yara (TX) , Trudy (TX), Jenny (FL), Ana (FL) and now Tammy (WI). 



  1. That's awesome! Congrats Tammy!

  2. Nice to 'meet' you, Tammy!! Looking forward to reading your reviews! Congrats!

  3. How wonderful - is is always great to work together and share in like interests. I really enjoy your blog and thank you for sharing.


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