Book Review: The Nightmare Thief

The Nightmare Thief
Jo Beckett #4
Author: Meg Gardiner
Pages: 368 Hardcover
Reading Level: Adult
Published: July 21st 2011
Review Source: Dutton
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Borders

Summary: (from goodreads) Forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett returns in a fourth taut, groundbreaking thriller from Edgar Award winner Meg Gardiner. 

Autumn Reiniger expects something special for her twenty-first birthday. Daddy's already bought her the sports car, the apartment, and admission to the private college where she parties away her weekends. Now she wants excitement, and she's going to get it.

Her father signs up Autumn and five friends for an "ultimate urban reality" game: a simulated drug deal, manhunt, and jailbreak. It's a high-priced version of cops and robbers, played with fake guns and fast cars on the streets of San Francisco. Edge Adventures alerts the SFPD ahead of time that a "crime situation" is underway, so the authorities can ignore the squealing tires and desperate cries for help.

Which is convenient for the gang of real kidnappers zeroing in on their target and a mammoth payday. Because what Daddy doesn't know is that someone has spotted his hedge fund's bulging profits, and the path to those riches runs right through Daddy's Little Girl.

Working on a case nearby is forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett and her partner Gabe Quintana. When the pair encounters a suspicious group of men carting six sullen college kids to the woods for a supposed wilderness adventure, alarm bells ring. Jo takes a closer look, and winds up with an invite to Autumn Reiniger's twenty-first birthday party-a party they may never leave.

Fate plays a big part on this suspense thriller by intertwining two separate events that end up being parts needed to complete the final puzzle.

Jo Beckett, a forensic psychiatrist and her partner Gabe Quintana went to investigate the death of an attorney that was ruled as accidental in an abandon mine in the mountains in California. At the same time, Autumn Reiniger the daughter of a millionaire financial investor, received her 21st birthday gift. A reality adventure provided to her and a group of her friends, where they participate in what was to be a jail break and a robbery. There is turn of events when the adventure is high jacked by a group seeking revenge. They abduct Autumn and the group taking them to the mountains where they plan not only to demand ransom but pressure her Dad into exposure in front of the investors to lose their faith. The two parties end up fighting for their lives together by accident, where things take a turn for the worst.

If you like a fast pace thriller, with lots of twists & turns, you will have no complaints whatsoever after reading this book.

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