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So it has been officially announced where and when the Red Carpet for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 will be. I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to know its back at Nokia Live. I was there last year for the Eclipse Red Carpet and it was just a amazing experience. 
Anyone else out there in the blog world planning to attend? Let me know. I always go in a group with the TwilightMOMs. 

Also coming out for Breaking Dawn are a few new T-shirt styles. Hot Topic will once again provide everyone with all these styles. They are curreently selling the Save the Date Teaser shirt. It says "Forever is only the beginning" in the front and the back says "Save the Date 11.18.11" just like a wedding annocement. 
Here are the future styles coming out.
So be on the look out very soon at your nearest Hot Topic. 

Fans of Taylor Lautner will have a chance to see Abduction before the movie releases on the 23rd of September. Lionsgate and 20 movie theaters are teaming up to feature a VIP Fan Premiere on September 15th at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST. There are 20 cities hosting this VIP chance. The last city will be chosen by Facebook fans. So if you city is not listed you have to vote to get it chosen as the 20th. 
Im excited because Houston is listed. So on September 12th at 1PM EST tickets go on sale to attend this VIP premiere. If you are interested and finding out if you are one of the 20 cities, go over to the Abduction Facebook page by CLICKING HERE

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