Book Blogger Appreciation Week (+ giveaway)

This week most of you know already its Book Bloggers Appreciation Week. I'm late coming into the game due to surgery I had Monday and well today is my 1st day officially back at my desk while recovering. Being that today is the last day of the BBAW, I just in time to do my post for it. 

I wanted to thank bloggers that have helped and continue to help or support my blog or me personally. Every day the blogging community continue to surprises me with all its generosity. If we bloggers didn't stick with one another it would be a lonely world out there. 

So here begins my Thank you list. Its might be long and I might also forget a blog or two. Just know I appreciate each and every one of you out there. I begin with Nely at All About {N}. Nely was one of the 1st who encouraged me to make my blog a book review blog and she gave me insight as to what I would need to do. The great thing about Nely is that we went to the same high school and graduated the same year and when she saw that I started a small blog she immediately started giving me insight. So I thank her from the bottom of my heart. She never ignored my  thousand emails. 

Damaris and the rest of the gals at Good Choice Reading, you ladies know that you all are pure awesomesauce. Damaris your like my twin blogging sister. We always have the same ideas and thoughts and you never think twice about helping anyone out. 

To all my affiliates, every single one of you are special and have help OUaT many times and continue to do so daily. Andye at Reading Teen so glad we finally met in person at BEA, wished we lived next door to each other. Our Vlogs would be epic. Stacey & Amber at Page Turners , you ladies know I thank you as well.  Heather at Fire and Ice blog, meeting you finally in person was one of the highlights at BEA this year. Your a ray of sunshine. Katie & Sophie at Mundie Moms, bloggers should take note on you both. That no matter how large Mundie Moms becomes you maintain a very humble persona. Casey at Dark Readers, your like my blogging daughter and my go to for all London/UK info. Bloggers should take note on how mature and intelligent you are. Christin at Portrait of a Book, I think if there was a award for blogger with the most determination you deserve it. I want to see someone top you at BEA next year walking around with crutches and 10lbs of books and you did it everyday with out breaking a sweat. To my friends at Books Complete Me - Cindy, Kendra and the rest of the crew. Thanks for your support and trust in OUaT. To one of my newest affiliates and great blogger Linda at Most Important Letter, I would be honored to have you on any blog tour, you rock. 

Then of course Savannah at Books with Bite, Jen at I Read Banned Books, The Ladies at Girls in in the Stacks, Lillie at Read my Mind, Jenna at An Avid Reader's Musings, Nancy at Tales of a Ravenous Reader, Emily at Emily's Reading Room, Amber at Me, My Shelf and I, Jamie at Writers write, right?, Katie at Katie's Book Blog, The ladies at Late Bloomers Online and many more. I can sit here all day naming blogs. Thank you and I appreciate everything you have done or help me with. 
Each and everyone of you in some way have many OUaT what it is today. THANK YOU! 

Now there is a special shout out I would like to do and its for my new Little Sib. If you don't know what Little Sib/Big Sib is. It was tarted by a few bloggers as a mentoring program to help young blog with the help from a older blogger. You can read all about it by clicking HERE. This is such a wonderful idea that I would have love to have when I start out blogging. And to celebrate my Little Sib blogger. I'm hosting a giveaway to help her build her followers. This is my way to begin helping her out in her growth as a blogger. 

My Little Sib blogger is IVY READS. I'm very happy to have such a great Little Sib. To help Ivy build her followers, I will be hosting a giveaway starting today to help her. I will be giving away 2 books today to 2 winners. The giveaway will be very easy. All that will be required is that you follow her blog and leave me feedback as to what she can do to bring in more readers. No derogatory comments will be allowed. If its something you wont tell your mother then you should be telling me. So Make sure you tell Ivy hello and that I sent you her way. 

Giveaway Prizes: Arc of Variant by Robison Wells and Love Story by Jennifer Echols

To Enter:
  • Fill out this FORM
  • Must follow IVY READS Blog (we will check)
  • Leave a comments in the form with a positive suggestion for IVY READS Blog. (Do not leave anything derogatory or mean)
  • Giveaway ends September 25th at midnight
  • No Po Boxes
  • For US residents only


  1. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

    Just visited/joined your sis' pretty site and commented how I loved all the pink & blue :)
    Couldn't think of any suggestions, really, as I thought she had already done an awesome job!!


  3. Aw Yara, thank you! Love ya girl! So happy we're friends and got the chance to meet at BEA. I feel like me and you have the same mind. Wish you lived closer!

  4. A little sis blogger? How cute! I like the colors of Ivy Reads blog but it's a little on the plain side. It could use some jazzing up with a banner design or something like that.

  5. I love love love the IVY READS blog. I think it is cute and simple. Honestly, I haven't a single suggestion because it seems to me that she is doing everything really well. I'm glad you shared the link with us, because I would have started following it even if you didn't tell us to :D

  6. Ivy Reads has a really great blog! I will now be following along. She has great content and it looks amazing..Great job!

  7. I hopped over from twitter today. I did not realize I was not following Ivy Reads on GFC, as I am following on twitter, but I signed up with GFC as well:) Thank you for the fun today.


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