Book Review: Devil.May.Care by Jolene Ballard Gutierrez

Author: Jolene Ballard Gutierrez
Pages: 274 Paperback
Reading Level: YA
Published: April 28th 2011
Review SOurce: Author
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / IndieBound

Summary: (from goodreads) When Ana takes off flying across the high school stage, her life is forever changed. Searching for answers, Ana meets Gabrielle, her mentor. Gabrielle teaches Ana that she’s an angel and is here on Earth to help prepare for a war between good and evil. The only problem? Ana can’t always tell who’s good and who’s evil. While she’s learning, Ana meets the man of her dreams, Dylan. He’s gorgeous, sexy, and really seems to care about Ana. Even though he’s a demon, Ana’s heart tells her to trust him. Then Ana’s world is shattered and she finds herself alone and afraid. As the boundaries between good and evil blur, Ana realizes she no longer knows who she can trust and who might be out to kill her.

I really wanted to get into this story. I love angels and all they signify, but somehow this story falls short slightly. I do love the whole concept of the book where an Angel falls for a Demon.

Ana is a high school student, but shes an Angel on Earth in a human body. Shes learning how to use her Angel powers and is supposed to help with a war that supposed to start because of demons. Even with the guidance of her mentor Gabrielle and teaching her that demons are bad, she falls in love with Dylan who is a demon, and it just gets a little too intense too fast. Shes wanting to do sexual things with him almost instantly and the story just doesn't flow as well as I would have liked. The ending leaves a little to be desired and doesn't really resolve all the issues in the book. 

Ana's frame of mind through the book jumps around way too much even for a high school student. One minutes shes in total love, then hates the person, then is crying hysterically. Kind of hard to follow her frame of mind. If Ana wasn't so emotional the book would have had a great story line to it.

You can also read different reviews for Devil.May.Cry that range in ratings before deciding on the book. Krystal at Live to Read blog gave it 5 stars or Cassay at Vamps, Weres and Cassay OH My! rated it a 4.8 out of 5. 

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