For New Bloggers! (A MUST READ)

This email is strictly for new bloggers or blogs. I never thought I would have to write a post like this. Now I say this is for the new bloggers but if you are a established blog and are doing this, this post is for you too. 

In the blogging world, I want to think their is a blogging code of conduct. Just like in everything else in the world. You respect one another and follow by that code. Last night it seems, a friend blogger of mines discovered that my custom made rating system had been stolen. Yes I say stolen because every blog has to have their own system and have their own graphics. Some bloggers make them themselves others like myself pay their blog designer to make it for them. 

If you are starting your blog, you must make your own designs. If you see something you like on someone else's blog, you must ask them about their graphics before you assume to do anything with them on your own blog. You must respect other blogs and their artwork. Its like each blogs brand. Don't assume its free for the taking. 

So this is how I see the blogger code of conduct:

  1. Respect each others blogs
  2. Do not steal or copy graphics
  3. You must ask for permission if you are interested in someones graphics.
  4. Report to each other if you find or see misuse in someone blog
I'm sure I can add several more, but for now this is what is important. New bloggers if you have a doubt about what you might be doing, then ask a established blogger before you advance. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future. 


  1. Wow I can't believe people actually do this. I'm a new book blogger and I have enough common sense to know that's just wrong.

  2. That's awful!! I suppose that blogger had good taste but not a very good sense.

  3. Ugh is pisses me off when I hear someone has stolen a blogger's work. I just had a convo with a fellow blogger who had a review copy/pasted into another blog and they were claiming it as their own... I then concluded we should found the blog police! ;)
    Well said.

    Xpresso Reads

  4. I am glad that you are speaking out about this. I have a small graphic taken from my page and used by another blogger too. I did not say anything because I like this person and I feel certain that she did not realize she was doing something wrong. I think a lot of times it really is just that they do not realize that using the graphic is stealing. When I first stated, I would get pictures from google images, now I know better.

  5. I'm a semi new blogger and I would never think to steal anything from another blogger, just because that's not right. Aside from that.. don't people realize that it might get back to the person you took it from? lol.

    *shakes head*

    very well put though.

  6. wow! really? I can say my blog is still newly born :)
    but I can say I'm proud it's all mine! >.<

    hope you solved this! and thanks for posting this...not all would have done it

  7. That person was just being really silly. I don't think it was malicious, only because of lack of thinking about other people and their work. I hope you asked them not to use it and explained why. That said, there are always some free graphics on the web that people can use and free pics too. You just have to see if copying or using them is allowed. However I would have loved a proper guide on using imagery. I use sometimes pics from well known games and anime - what do you do with them? What happens when you use a pic from a movie. It's such a weird grey area. I wish it was more clear. Sorry for the off-topic.

  8. Great post! People think that they can take pictures/graphics/even written reviews and content without anyone noticing. It is just wrong and lazy.

    We all work really hard on our blogs, and to have anyone steal anything from someone else is just awful!


  9. Wonderful post! Like many others who have commented I hope that you have contacted the blogger that stole your design and told them why it was not okay for them to do that. There is no excuse for it, do they still teach about plagiarism in schools? I remember learning that it doesn't only apply to the written word but pictures, images and videos and anything else that is "created" by someone else.

  10. I agree with some of the other commenters - while ignorance is not an excuse we should all be helpful in trying to correct it. You do of course have every right to be upset. I hope they didn't mean any harm by it and that they will remove the stolen materials.

    I've only recently joined the book blogging ranks and quite frankly it saddens me the amount of drama and flaming that goes on.

    With that said - still glad to be a new member of the community. I can't wait til my sister designs some graphics for Rie and I over at Mission to Read

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read


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