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Hi everyone and welcome to the kick-off of Traci Houston's Blood Drive Blog Tour. Blood Drive is Traci Houston Debut novel. This tour will run from today until October 21st. Make sure to check out every stop so you can check out reviews, interviews and much more. Each day on the tour you will have a opportunity to win a copy of Blood Drive. 

Blood Drive
A Vampire Otherkin Novel
Pages: 238 paperback
Reading Level: YA
Release Date: October 8th 2011
Review Source: Writers of The Round Table Press
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / IndieBound

Summary: (from goodreads) When a group of vampires rises from the dark of the humid Miami summer and murders her partner, officer Cara Evens gathers a group of allies with their own unique abilities to avenge her partner's death and save the city. To succeed she'll have to accept her own changing abilities, ignore her lust for a vampire and hide the one thing her enemies need to kill them all.

I was immediately drawn to this book because it set in Miami, that's my hometown. The cover was also very intriguing. I like how they did the yellow smoke/fire effect. It really draws your attention to the book. I was excited when the publisher contact early on about reading Blood Drive and giving my critique on the book. 

Trace Houston is definitely a author to watch for. Blood Drive shows her potential in story building. In Blood Drive Traci has written in detail this new world of hers set in Miami with some Vampires and detectives. What is the strongest point in the book, I can say its the action. You can easily picture all the action sequences in your mind while reading. Being a first book in the series and a debut novel. I believe their was a lot Traci left off to leave for the next book in the series. There are parts of the books they seems to lack a bit of luster but I figured it was to leave room for the next one. I would have enjoyed the scenes better if Traci could have elaborated more detail about Miami or its surroundings. So I'm curious to know what happens next after the cliff hanger in this book. 

Blood Drive follow Cara Evens, she is a police office for Miami. She is not your typical police office. She is psychic and her abilities help her in her line of duty. Cara and her partner get called to go check out a triggered alarmed at a blood bank. Well the call which they though would have been a regular call, ends up taking the life of her partner. Danny is murdered and Cara find a odd object she takes with her without reporting it. She is sure this will help her find who murdered her partner. The process begins for Cara to find the killer, she begins interviewing suspects including the owner of the blood bank, which what do you know end sup being a Vampire. This marks Cara and now Johnathan's enemies begin to track her. No one can deny that Johnathan and Cara have some chemistry and her enemies have noticed. They plan to use her against Johnathan. Well not over Cara's dead body they wont. Now Cara and her friends including Johnathan must work together to solve why her partner was murdered and about the object Cara kept. This all while trying to stay alive. 

Blood Drive was a good beginning to the series and I see a bright future for Traci Houston.

So how did you like my review, did I grab your attention? Remember the tour begins today and will go on till next Friday. Everyday there will be some kind of post and a giveaway to go along. So you have 10 chances at winning your own copy. You can follow the tour and all the participants by clicking HERE. Tomorrow the tour continue over @ At Random blog with a Interview with Traci. 

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  1. Thanks for the heads up - it sounds good. By the way your form has extra entry box but it doesn't say in your giveaway policy what you consider an extra entry! toodles
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  2. Thank you for sharing today. I think Blood Drive sounds awesome. I will try to follow the tour as I am able, I would really like to read it.


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