Book Review: Jackson Jones: The Tale of a Boy, a Troll and a rather large Chicken by Jenn Kelly

Jackson Jones: The Tale of a Boy, a Troll and a rather large Chicken
Book 2
Author: Jenn Kelly
Pages: 252 hardcover
Reading Level: MG/YA
Published: August 20th 2011
Review Source: Zonderkidz
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Indiebound

Summary: (from goodreads) You never know just where your story will take you.

All Jackson had to do was clean the pool. Just that one simple task. It would have been simple, anyway, if that freak storm hadn't come and carried him away. Now Jackson is trapped in the branches of a massive tree and he can't seem to find a way out. While he wanders, he meets a flesh-eating hound named Muffy, a hen who wears too much makeup, a million angry squirrels, and a troll with nose hair down to there. Before Jackson can go home, he'll have to discover the great task the Author has planned for him and learn what it really means to put down roots.

A true children’s book is what this author’s first novel is. A little witty and clever humor sprinkled in with some pretty crazy imagination creates a story that any child would love. The author writes with such creativity that you never know what will pop out of the shadows next. The characters are funny and I could see how a young kid could relate to them.

Young Jackson Jones is cleaning his pool as punishment when a strange storm arrives at his house. He takes cover under a big umbrella but is forcefully grabbed by a strong wind and soars through the sky. Jackson lands in an unknown part of the woods and embarks on an amazing journey of a lifetime. On his journey he learns valuable lessons that I think that the reader will also learn. Even if your child doesn’t like to read, they will like this one.

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