Book Review: Angel Condemned by Mary Stanton + Giveaway

Angel Condemned
Beaufort & Company Mystery #5
Author: Mary Stanton
Pages: 290 Paperback
Reading Level: Adult
Published: November 1st 2011
Review Source: Berkley
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Representing her Aunt Cissy's fiancé, museum curator Prosper White, in a case of fraud, attorney and celestial advocate Brianna Winston- Beaufort hopes to settle the matter out of court. But when Prosper is murdered and Cissy's arrested for the crime, Bree will have to solve the mystery of the Cross of Justinian-an artifact of interest in both Prosper's lawsuit and Bree's celestial case-to clear her aunt's name...

The 5th Novel in the series of Beaufort & Co. mystery series, readable as a standalone but if the previous ones are read it will bring greater knowledge of the characters.

Brianna Winston-Beaufort (Bree) an attorney that held two offices, one for mortals and one for the celestial court which was inherited from her family predecessor down to her.

On this installment, she finds herself bound to represent her aunt and her soon to be husband, which the whole family feels is using her, in a suit for the misappropriation of a relic. The case turn from bad to worse when it becomes a murder of the fiancee and the prime suspect is her aunt Cissy.

Digging for facts, she finds that this case is connected to the one she has been trying to avoid representing in the Celestial Court. Once the unexpected family ties are discovered, it becomes impossible for her to renounce becoming the advocate for the soul in question. With the help of her heavenly staff of Angels and her bravery and determination she uncovers the mystery behind the artifact that entwined these cases in both realms and with that also facts and more history behind her real mother.

A thrilling mystery with a mix of paranormal, angels and earthly crime to complement this great tale and make a great read.

Thanks to Berkley we have one copy to offer to a reader today of Angel Condemned. 

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