Book Review: Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos

Falling Together
Author: Marisa de los Santos
Pages: 352 Hardcover
Reading Level: Adult
Published: October 1st 2011
Review Source: William Morrow & Company
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) What would you do if an old friend needed you, but it meant turning your new life upside down? Pen, Will, and Cat met during the first week of their first year of college and struck up a remarkable friendship, one that sustained them and shaped them for years - until it ended abruptly, and they went their separate ways. Now, six years later, Pen is the single mother of a five-year-old girl, living with her older brother in Philadelphia and trying to make peace with the sudden death of her father. Even though she feels deserted by Will and Cat, she has never stopped wanting them back in her life, so when she receives an email from a desperate-sounding Cat asking her to meet her at their upcoming college reunion, Pen goes. What happens there sends past and present colliding and sends Pen and her friends on a journey across the world, a journey that will change everything.

Whenever I get my hands on a new book, I immediately read the back to find out the basis of the story. When I read the basis on Falling Together I was ecstatic to read about old collage friends reuniting after facing the real world. This being the first novel I’ve read from this author I didn’t know what to expect.
I was disappointed to the point that I could not finish the book. I got to page 203 and had to stop there because it just did nothing for me. I was confused the whole time I read. I point of views continued to change leaving me desperate to find who the author was describing next. I could not relate nor fall in love with either of the characters because they just frustrated me. They didn’t seem very well developed.The story just lingered on for to many pages before anything really began to happen. And when something finally began happening, the confusing part began. Therefore, I just gave up. Although, this book may have been confusing to me or I may have disliked it, never get discouraged and not read it because to you it might be a great read. However, I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

Pam, Will and Cat were college buddies that met after an accident occurred with Cat that bonded their friendship until the end of college. It’s been many years and Pam has not heard from either of them. However, she misses them. After receiving an email from Cat just weeks before their reunion, Pam and Will are worried for their friend. When Pam and Will arrive at the reunion, they are disappointed to find that Cat never attended. They are angry with her for not showing up but later learned that Cat has fled and her husband Jason was the one who wrote the email to them in hopes that Will and Pam will help him find Cat. Pam and Will, along with Pam’s daughter go on quest all over the country to find Cat, all the while reminiscing about the past.

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  1. Now I don't feel too bad about dropping this book too. For me though, it was more the timing/mood.. so I was going to try again another time.


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