Book Review: The Queen's Governess by Karen Harper

The Queen's Governess
Author: Karen Harper
Pages: 384 Paperback
Reading Level: Adult
Publihsed: August 2nd 2011
Review Source: NAL Trade
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) The national bestselling author of Mistress Shakespeare delivers the epic tale of Elizabeth I's most trusted companion-a commoner who lived among royals... 

Katherine Ashley, the clever, beguiling daughter of a poor country beekeeper, catches the attention of powerful, ambitious Thomas Cromwell-henchman for King Henry VIII. Cromwell secures for Kat a place in the royal court, but as a reluctant spy. Plunged into a treacherous game of shifting alliances, Kat is entrusted by Anne Boleyn to protect her daughter, Elizabeth. In the face of exile, assassination attempts, imprisonment, and a romantic flirtation that could cost the young princess dearly, Kat will risk everything-even her own secret love-for her bright, clever Elizabeth.

If you like to be immerse in rich details when you read historical, in this case the Tudor’s Era, this is definitely the book for you. At the very beginning of the novel you are introduced to a young lady with a humble and very sad life after her mother’s death, some say by accident but she has suspicions of foul play from her soon after stepmother. At the very first opportunity offered to her, she escapes the dominating and abusive stepmother to become a servant for the royal family. Katherine Champernowne, later know as Kat Ashley, uses her strong and sheer will power to better herself, and with great effort becomes well schooled and this becomes her door opener to the royal court of King Henry VIII. Thomas Cromwell becomes her sponsor after she unknowingly helps him recover from an accident. This shrewd character introduces her to the dream of her life in London, but at the cost of being a spy at his service. With his help she becomes one of the ladies in service to the new mistress on the king who later becomes the Queen. Anne Boleyn would give birth to a girl, Elizabeth instead of the expected prince to be the successor of the crown. Anne’s life is quickly terminated by beheading , and which time Kat had earned the Queens trust to become Elizabeth guardian, a job she takes to heart. This is pretty much where the story begins and takes you through her journey of harsh, deceit, treason and even time imprisoned in the Tower to protect Elizabeth at all cost. During all this she finds love and romance from one of the few men to be trusted in court and her biggest supporter in her lifelong mission after her promise to Anne. Against all odds, but using her smarts, love and strong character she foresees to the very end that Kat becomes what she was born to be, Queen of England.

If you love historic novels, you can’t miss this one, the author painstakingly took care of expressing and transferring to the pages her detailed research of the era by means of her exquisite writing.

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