Book Review: To Catch a Highlander by Karen Hawkins

To Catch a Highlander
MacLean Curse #3
Author: Karen Hawkins
Reading Level: Adult
Pages: 400 Paperback
Published: January 22nd 2008
Review Source: Purchased
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) In this sizzling romantic adventure, a daring Highland lass plays a high-stakes game to keep the home she loves...but ends up losing her heart instead.

When her father gambles away the family estate to darkly dangerous Lord Dougal MacLean, Sophia MacFarlane is determined to use her wiles to regain it. Forced to stake the one thing she has left — her virtue — she desperately hopes her skill can limit her losses to a few matter how hotly tempting Dougal turns out to be.

Dougal MacLean knows that Sophia has some trick up her sleeve, but he can't resist the challenge — or her ravishing beauty. So when she proposes a card game with most unusual stakes, Dougal is delighted to accept. But as the game ends, Dougal and Sophia discover they've wagered something even more precious — their hearts.

The 3rd book of the series on the MacLean Curse is great fun, entertaining and full of charming trickery and romance.

Sophia, learns that her Dad, on her way to selling some family jewels to get some money to do some of the fixing her home needs, lost everything including the house, that her mother had so lovingly fixed and left for them, in a game of cards. In order to keep her house she comes up with a plan, but little did she know that when she was working on the final touches of her plan, Dougal had overheard her trying to con him out of the house he won. Dougal is one of the brothers MacLean, cursed to affect weather whenever their temper got the best of them. In the case of Dougal, rain and storms are the results and when he is around Sophia they are bound to happen every time. Once she learns that he found out, she tries to seduce him into playing it all in a game of cards, and uses her virtue as the trade for payment if she lost. What they did not see coming, was that deeper feelings and their attraction will be intense enough to blurred their reactions and smarts. Dougal, because of the curse, feels he’s doomed to be alone and leaves. He vowed long ago, that he will never be in a position where he will lose control with the storms created that once before did terrible damage to a village, and with Sophia he feels he can’t control himself. Sophia doesn’t give up and looks him up at his sister house, where she intents to prove to him that he is her life and that the home is no longer of importance to her if it means to be without him. His sister helps by showing him that without Sophia, he will never be in control, that she was his catalyst and he needs her.

If laughing and having a good time with a book is what you like, this one is definitely the one to read.

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