Friday Five: 12/16/11 - 5 Dreadful Questions Asked, If You Were An Author

It's Friday so that means Friday Five that was inspired by Author Cheryl Renee Herbsman. Our friends at Eve's Fan Garden and Page Turners also partake in this meme. 

Each Friday we will post a question or topic, then respond with our five choices.

If you were an author, What five questions would you dread people to ask you?

Jenny's List: 
  • If the book I wrote had erotica scenes and they would ask me where I got the idea from. Totally embarrassing.
  • Any personal or family questions.
  • Anything to do with rejection letters, if I've received any and what were my emotions. 
  • How long does it take me to write a book. Um... that would be a tough question to answer because if you take too long, then your a slower writer and if it's too fast then you didn't take enough time. It's just a question I would dread to answer. 
  • If a character I created was hated. I could only imagine the terror.
Ana's List: 
  • Did you write your book based on your life? (That would be really embarrassing if there was a particularly steamy scene, and it happened to be real, would you want to admit that?)
  • Why did you decide to write a book instead of sticking to your career? (That could get really personal really quickly.) 
  • Is there going to be a sequel?? (I know this gets asked a lot, but what if I want to keep it a secret?)
  • Why are you ending the series? J.K. Rowling got asked this a lot and I'm sure it irritated her. 
  • Were any of the characters based on someone you know personally???
Tammy's List: 
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • Why did you kill of a certain character?
  • Someone asking you to marry them?
  • Any questions about my family or close friends
  • Questions that are too personal and would make me feel uncomfortable
Monica's List: 
  • Where do you get inspiration from? 
  • How did you come up with the story?
  • Why did you choose to become an author?
  • Did the main character come from someone you know personally?
  • Why couldn't [different ending made up by person] be the way the book ended?

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