Book Review: The Understorey by Fisher Amelie

The Understorey
The Leaving #1
Author: Fisher Amelie
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Fantasy
Published: April 15th 2011
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) “Let’s start this place on nonexistent fire.”

“Promise.” She sucked in an excited breath.

We closed our eyes and I placed my feverish mouth to hers. Immediately, violent, zealous flashes of shimmering flames climbed to the furthest point, trailed like rain down the pitched ceiling and spilled down the walls, gathering at their feet, pools of fervent, bubbling, silvery liquid electricity, before evaporating into nothing.

Elliott Gray is incomplete, scrambling through the dark on his hands and knees, blindly feeling for the switch it would take to bring the peace he's forever been searching for.

Julia Jacobs is unhappy, missing a noticeable piece of her soul, a naked canvas with vivid paints at her disposal but no brush to assemble the vision.

At a young age, courtesy of an unknowing Elliott Gray, Julia tastes the burn of heartache and since then, has silently vowed to her heart that it would never be susceptible to such pain again but when Julia and Elliott discover they share a supernatural connection that's never been revealed before, Elliott makes it his life's goal to convince her they are fated. He knows, if she only gave him but one chance to prove himself, she would not be afraid but when Elliott's best friend Jesse Thomas turns out to be much more than meets the eye, it's all Elliott can do to hold on to his new love, while attempting to survive an enormous threat on their future.

When I first saw the cover of this book, I thought it looked very pretty later I found it helped out with visuals in the book. Then I read the little blurb and it makes it seem like they are in a kind of void searching for something and they just can't quite find it yet. It was very elusive and intriguing. I liked that Fisher Amelie put it in those kind of terms because of how the books is. I really enjoyed what Jules and Elliot have together. Its something very unique and something we all would like to experience.

When the book first starts you are given a glimpse into the future, and its very grim. Something might happen that could destroy everything. Then you meet a boy and girl and they are no longer friends, but then they reunite and its magical. A magic is made when they are near and they cannot explain it but its just something that happens, and its wonderful. I love that they have something no one else can see, and they are very sure of their love and what they are to each other. Then comes alone Jesse, a friend of Elliot's, who is someone you are not expecting at all. There is just some kind of vibe you get from him and you need to keep reading to find out what happens.

There isn't a lot of action but some suspense and creepiness(not bad I promise), and a lot of mystery involved with the magical way they are together, and the love they have is so pure and concentrated its visible to them. I love how Fisher portrays the whole relationship and how they are are sincerely soul mates. Another thing I loved loved about this is that Elliot is mostly the narrator for the book and he explains what he is feeling and its just wonderful. The only gripe would be the overly mushy usage of Dear and Love as if they were 80 years old, but it kinda endears me to them because they have such an old fashioned love haha.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would totally recommend to anyone that is looking for love, falling in love, or just fell out of love. Which means I shall be telling everyone!


  1. Oh this sounds really good! It's my first time seeing it. I love that cover I'm curious what it means and how it helps. Lovely review Monica!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Oh my..that cover is beautiful.


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