Book Review: Captivated by Deb Apodaca

Affliction #1
Author: Deb Apodaca
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Paranormal
Released: June 10th 2011 (re-edited 2/11/12)
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) "I stood close to the edge looking down at what I thought was my death. Then, I somehow ignored the water and only saw him. He looked like a dark angel on a cloud of mist holding his arms out to me. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. Then I jumped." Mindy

After Mindy's childhood best friend, Dean Aiken, shuts her and everyone else out of his life, she learns to move on. Years pass and she gets used to the fact that he's no longer a part of her life, but things begin to change

Mindy's new best friend, Markus Medina, witnesses Dean kill two people behind a club. Mindy has a hard time believing him, especially when he mentions that the bodies disappear. Poof! Into thin air. Markus decides he has to follow Dean around in order to get evidence that he's been killing people, so he doesn't sound like a nut to the police.

Despite Marcus' crazy theories about the possibility of Dean not being human. And not to mention the fact that he's dangerous. Mindy can't help that she may be falling in love with him. Even after hiding their feelings for each other from the world. Dean and Mindy being together stirs up dangers that neither of them could ever imagine. When she finds out about what Dean really is and the world he tried to keep her away's already too late.

Captivated is meant to be captivating but in my eyes falls short slightly. The overall premise of the books is not bad its kinda of like Twilight meets Supernatural meets Buffy. Which for all purposes would rate very high in my book, but I had one very small part that should have been made into a way bigger deal, and that didn't sit right with me.

Mindy grew up with her best friend Dean. Dean goes through a very traumatizing experience and shuts everyone out and doesn't even let Mindy in.

In high school they reconnect again... sort of. Dean is very aloof and doesn't want to be associated with Mindy even though she witnesses something she or her new best friend Markus can't explain. The story goes on and you wonder what Dean is through the whole story. And what the new guy really is.

My one qualm was something that to me shouldn't be taken lightly in any story, and for some reason it was just brushed over like it wasn't really anything big. I don't want to ruin the story because its not a bad story at all, just for me this one thing ruins it.


  1. you are officially the first one who has given this book a low rating...all the others I've read are either really good or just good...but this is the first time a blog I follow reads it and doesn't like it :D
    Makes me want to read it and see what was the one thing that really ruined it for you :D

  2. Oh please do! Just let me know what you're thoughts are after reading it. Hopefully you catch the part I'm talking about lol

  3. I haven't finished it yet, but I agree That should not be brushed over lightly.


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