THANK YOU!!! #TeamDauntless - #DivergentNation

Hey everyone. We wanted to do a wrap-up post to thank everyone for all your hard work. You have blogged, vlogged, facebooked, and tweeted about our team, changed your avatars to Dauntless buttons, added the buttons to your pages, shared your fears and accomplishments, and truly showed your Dauntless pride! 

We cannot thank you enough for your effort. You all went above and beyond to help us out and it was so incredible to have so much support. 

We will post the Street Team winners on the 1st.

Now, it's time to share more answers to the question "Why do you want to join the Dauntless faction"

Dauntless are the brave, they don't let anything define them! They are
free and determined. I want to join the Dauntless faction because I am
free and determined and this is where i belong! - Book Sisterhood

I wish to join the Dauntless faction because it feels like I would belong there. <3 - Carina's Books

In Diveregent, I related most towards the dauntless faction I try to as
determined as possible, sometimes it can even be a bad thing. I am
impulsive like the dauntless of the book. - Danasquare

I want to be Dauntless because I believe courage and bravery are the
most important qualities a person can have! It's not always easy to be
courageous; in fact, it's one of the hardest things for a person to do. I
admire bravery more than anything else in the world.
Also, I really like zip lines! - Freeverse

I have become fearless in the face of being a single parent. I have
faced a parents worse fear in seeing my son be treated as the
"second-best" to his fathers DOG. To seeing him take all his daily
medications without so much as one complaint. (What a trooper). I am
lucky enough to know he is smart and more intuitive then I ever was at
his age.
I have been able to stand up to his father and say,
"Hey! That's not how you treat your kid! Get your act in gear and man
up." I've faced him in court and maintained my dignity and in the face
of loss and also in keeping calm when I have also been victorious.
I am a mother and I stand up for what I believe is right, even in front of many. - Picked by Poison

To be brave and face all fears is what everyone should strive for! Who
better than to FIGHT for what is right than the DAUNTLESS?!  - Booksforme2

Because I value bravery and courage. Plus Dauntless is just awesome! What other reason should there be? - Sam C.

I want to join team dauntless because I want to be brave. I might not be
all the way but I want to be free and dauntless will push me to be how I
want to be. - Jennifer Lee

I'd rather be brave and do something than sit in an Ivory Tower like the
Erudite. I would rather fight than be passive and always give myself to
others like Abnegation. I would rather be able to lie when I need to as
opposed to Candor, and I would like the option of defending myself as
opposed to doing nothing with Amity. - Birth of a New Witch

I want to join DAUNTLESS because I enjoy the rush and excitement of taking risks and facing my fears. - Doodle's Book Blog

I want to join the Dauntless because I want to do things that I never thought I could do and be a part of something strong. - Em and Em's Reviews

I want to join Dauntless because they believe in freedom from fear, and
I'm sick of being afraid. I hate being scared or cowardly, it makes me
feel weak and useless, and helpless.
I also want to join Dauntless
because I believe in shouting for those who can only whisper, in the
courage that drives one person to stand up for another. I believe in
action, and I believe in ordinary acts of bravery.
I want to be
brave. I want to face my fears and laugh and conquer them. I'm sick of
sitting idly by and watching while others act, while others are brave. I
want to join then. I WILL join them. Even the thought of Dauntless
makes me brave. Dauntless has quite literally changed my life. Since
choosing Dauntless, I have become more confident, bolder, less afraid. I
know where I belong, and, sure Erudite has a pull for me, but I do not
belong with them. I belong among the bold and brave. I belong in a place
where I am free from the fear that has tied me down for years. I
believe in realizing the extent to which fear rules us, and denying it
the chance to change my decisions and control my life.
I believe that no other virtue is more important than bravery. - Shout for Those Who Can Only Whisper

Besides the fact that Tris and Four are members, the Dauntless are brave
and determined, which is what I am. I have had to be brave and strong
to deal with my medical problems, so clearly Dauntless is where I
belong. - Shooting Stars Mag

I love the idea of Dauntless, this team seems to encompass many values
found in the others teams, but makes those values "their own." - Live to Read

I admire people who are brave and willing to do what must be done to
accomplish great things. I want to be more brave and courageous in my
actions. - Hope Love Happy Endings

Divergent and Dauntless has saved me from going crazy, and this fandom
tooootally needs to be bigger than it is because it was such a deserving
book. - Divergent for Life

Something exciting is always happening. It is challenging. You fight for
your place. Its YOU who gets to decide. That's why i want to join
Dauntless. - Nic

Because I abide by the Team Motto. - Reviewing Shelf

Because its the best team ever! :) - Monica

We stand up and face our fears. We never back down, no matter what. A
person can be truthful or smart or charitable, but it takes real courage
and determination to face the worst of the days. And that's what
Dauntless is about. - Raven Fic

Dauntless is by far the best faction! I've always had a thirst for
adventure and to be carefree and strong so Dauntless is the best faction
for that! =] - Booktastic Reviews

I am Dauntless! Nothing will stop me from standing up for what I believe in! - Words from the Tampa Bookworm

Why? Hmm......well, I'll start out with this. At first, I thought I was
Erudite because I like reading about things, but then, I analized
myself, and I can't say I like the fact that's all they ever do. I like
adventure and risk, even if I still can't do some of them because I'm
underage. (Which sucks). Anyway, what I'm saying is, that I value
bravery a bit more than knowledge, both are important, but I feel that
anyone can have knowledge, no matter what it is. Dauntless is a faction
that promotes bravery, which is something not everyone has. I feel that
with Dauntless, I can more so face my fears and kick butt while doing
Plus, I can't be selfless, I'm not a fan of total peace, and I can't only tell the truth. : )
There you have it. - Reading in Paradise

Because I am Dauntless! =) - Orchid

Because I'm fearless, strong, determined! I have the strenght to be in this faction! #TEAMDAUNTLESS TILL DEATH! - Trayche

I am fearless! I also love Divergent! - Diana

Because it is the best faction!! I am brave and fearless. Team Dauntless is where I belong. Faction Before Blood!! - Book Loving Mom


I want to join Dauntless because I believe everything I do in my life not only strong but brave too. - Dee

It suits me well or at least better than anywhere else - Taylor

Because of my obsession of divergent (soon to be insurgent also!), tris,
four/tobias, and most of all because i am totally DAUNTLESS
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Jenna

I want to be a part if the Dauntless faction because I want to be with
othets who share my respect for bravery and fearlesness and are both of
those qualities :). - Halee

This faction is the most powerful in the sense that they're fit in their
minds and bodies. They're poweful in multiple aspects, while other
factions are solely based on one. I want this faction to make me
well-rounded and able to defend the people of my faction and those
inside the city. - Maela

“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.” Need I say more?  - Thoughts of the Chronically Indecisive

I'm fearless, and LOVE to take risks! - Just a Girl Geek

Cuz we all need to let go and face our fears, no matter how large or small - Heather

Because being on the street team is the next best thing to actually
being in the Dauntless faction! Not to mention being as close as
possible to Four... - Christa

Because Dauntless is in my blood. -Kayla

Because I was raised not to be afraid. To be strong and fearless. If I
lived in Tris and Four's world I would absolutely be Dauntless! Go team
Dauntless!!! - Book Addictions by Christina

Bravery is something to value. I LOVE Four which is just one fabulous reason to join! - Nocturne Romance Reads

Cauz I can stop a blackwidow spider with one stomp. - The Optimistic Pessimist

I want to join the DAUNTLESS faction because I believe courage and
standing up for the things you believe in is most important. You have to
not be afraid to change the world for the BETTER and save it from the
worse. I do not believe violence is DAUNTLESS but rather being able to
change the world without it. I am strong. I am courageous. I AM

Tattoos - Colleen

Because I wish that I could be so brave IRL, lol. Also, there's FOUR. My
heart has always been drawn to Dauntless. FACTION BEFORE BLOOD! - Book Breather

Life is too short to let fear overcome your chance to be brave and truly live. - Cupcake Girly

Because I AM Dauntless =] - The Consumption of Books

Dauntless has always seemed like the most exciting faction to me. To be
honest, I've never really been very into the other factions. I always
wanted to learn more about Dauntless and was kind of sad when I never
really did. :( Plus, I work part-time in an independent bookstore (Next
Chapter Bookshop) so I would love to give people even more reasons to
buy Divergent. - Zoey's Uncreatively Titled Blog

Because they fight their fears. They have courage. - My Life is a Fairy Tale

Because I am not afraid to take risks, to enjoy life, and to face the
world and stand up to what I believe in. How more dauntless can one get?
;) - Maji Bookshelf

They say the Dauntless are brave and bold.They say the Dauntless are not
afraid of heights and have few fears. Well, I want to show them that,
though I may have fears, they won't be a problem when the time comes for
me to be the bravest person on earth. - Melissa

Because I believe that everyone needs a little bravery in their everyday
life. There's a quote by Winston Churchill: "You have enemies? Good.
That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
Standing up for your beliefs is something that takes guts to do, and
guts are exactly what Dauntless has to offer. - Brave New Shelf

I choose Dauntless because I believe that selflessness, knowledge, peace
and kindness are worthless if you don't have the courage to stand up
for your convictions and for others when it comes to the test. - Songs and Stories

Above all else bravery is the quality that I value most in myself. I
also want to see that quality strengthened even further. That is why I
want to join the Dauntless faction! - The Hapa Chick

It's SO obvious that this the best faction of them all. Tris was in that faction too so it has to be DAUNTLESS :) - Mina

The Dauntless are fearless. They love to challenge themselves, and have a
streak of adventure. But at the same time they are loyal, fierce and
strong, and that is what makes you Dauntless! - The Girl in a Cafe

I love that the Dauntless are so fearless and brave. I also love that
Dauntless is somewhat intertwined with Abnegation. The Dauntless seem to
have lots of fun and seem to care a lot about one another. - Reviews from the Hammock

I want to join because in Divergent the Dauntless are strong and
unforgiving. Also, they jump on trains! Don't you tell me that's not
cool. - Tara

Because i believe in bravery and the freedom to choose my own destiny. - Fatoch

Everything worth having is worth fighting for. You can hope you don't have to fight, but you have an obligation to be ready. - Claire G.

Because I like to think of myself as brave. - Srvaid

Because Dauntless is fearless, their badassery is just soo..inpiring.
And the fact it can kill you is just...WOW. Dauntless also is far from
perfect, but out imperfections let us rise. - Kandee

I want to join the Dauntless faction because I love what Dauntless
stands for. Like the manifesto says I believe in facing my fears, and in
ordinary acts of bravery. I believe that if people were brave enough to
speak their minds, the world would be a scarier, but better place. Out
of all my friends, I was always the one who seeked adrenaline, the one
who was not afraid, the one that was always the first person to go on
the tallest and scariest roller coaster. Ever since Veronica Roth came
out with the Dauntless manifesto, I stood by it. - Nancy

I would love too join the Dauntless faction because being dauntless is
about being fearless, brave and courages. I believe I am all of those
and would support the faction at all costs. - Ashleigh

I was born Dauntless. Trust me. (Or ask my Dad--I'm 1/2 of him). - Nicole

My reason for joining undaunted is: i wanted to be surrounded with like
minded people. i believe in justice. i believe in courage. i believe
there is no point in limiting life. no point in silence. - Travis

I want to be brave, courageous, determined, and strong. Thought at first
people might not think I am that but deep down inside, I am brave,
courageous, determined, and strong! - FireStarBooks

I am a brave, courageous person and will fight for what I believe is right. - Vicky's Volume's

Because I love taking new risks, and because it's the closest place to Four. (; - Christa

Bravery is only as good as the fears one stands up to. I don't want to be fearless. I want to be brave. - Eldabee

Because recently my life has been full of challenges and I've had to
take crucial and important decisions with no fears. Specially if I have
to protect my family. That's how I noticed I can be Dauntless.
Well, there's also the test, of course xD It confirmed I'm Dauntless all the way! - Librarian Mouse

To be brave is to be strong, loyal, and face your fears. This is a
constant struggle for those who face it head on and what i try and do
everyday. Being dauntless means being able to protect not just yourself
but all those you love and to be able to help those you don't know. This
is what i strive to do. - K.D. G.

Being Dauntless, in my opinion, means something beyond just having
courage and no fear. You can be courageous, but now what? What you do
with that courage is what really matters. That courage should be used to
correct the unbalanced, unfair, corrupt world we live in. Tris inspired
me to be Dauntless. I FELT it when she came to that revelation. I
decided to stand up for the little guys. In my life, I've displayed
Dauntless qualities. Recently, the Board of Education and High School
administrators in my town have committed an injustice. Currently, I,
along with my senior class, are fighting against that injustice. I am
living a Dauntless life. I already am Dauntless. - Amy B. 

Why do I want to join Dauntless?? Here's why:
1) Tris and Four!!!!!!!!!
In a hypothetical, unrealistic situation where they are cut off from
all their sources and forced to live on their own, the Dauntless will
3) They're cool and badass.
4) If you were to throw this faction into the Hunger Games, it'd be one heck of a show. They'd definitely be the ones to beat.
5) They're cool.
6 This is probably the only faction where training involves a paintball fight.
7) Probably the most fun to join. And they're all physically fit.
8) You can get tattoos and battlescars and stuff.
9) Even the name "Dauntless" sounds awesome.
10) They're cool. - Anna V.

There is nothing more important than bravery. It leads us to stand up
for what is right when no one else will. It allows us to be ourselves
and defend ourselves. To be Dauntless means to be free. Plus, they
clearly have the most fun.  - Not So Epic A.M.Y.- A

I wanted to join dauntless to remind me that to truely live you must be
brave. You must let go of your fears to make way for experiences. You
must find the strength and the courage to build yourself up again when
you are knocked down. And you must grasp every opportunity as it comes
to you or risk never getting the chance to again. - Mischievous Pixie

I need to face my fears! - Amy's Book Den

I've always wanted to be brave. - Farin

I've always felt like I fit in with the Dauntless! I've been slowly
overcoming some of my fears and I want to continue to be brave and
overcome the rest of them! And not to mention, The DAUNTLESS ROCK! :) - Hope, Faith, and Books

Dauntless are brave and not afraid to fight for what is right. They live on the edge and experience life to the fullest. - Lai

I love adventure. I love risk. Sitting in one place isn't me, I want action. - Anastasia

Because I believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives on person to stand up for another. - The Maniacal Bookworm

I admire the bravery in this faction. Not only that, though I firmly
believe in fighting for what you believe in, no matter what the cost may
be. - Geraldine

I want to stand up for other people, I want to be braver. Only the Dauntless faction can give me that! - Isabella C. 

I have vowed to be in the Dauntless faction because this is the faction I
belong in! I like to believe I'm a thrill seeker but I know I'm not - I
want to be and I want to be able to face my fears. Having that courage
will allow me to take risks and maybe one day be as brave as Tris and
Four. They risk their very lives for what's important to them; be it
friends, family, or love, and I want to be in a faction that promotes
that type of bravery. I am ready to be Dauntless!!
P.S. So when is knife practice? - The Bookworm is Here!

I want to join Dauntless because they are brave and exciting. - Page Turner

They are brave people. Willing to do what needs to be done. They can do
big things and understand whats important. Plus they are super cool! - R. Mae

Well hells bells! Why wouldn't I? Slight addiction to tattoos? Check.
Willingly jumps out of perfectly good airplanes? Check. Been known to
have a problem with 'following the rules?' Check. Busts out in mama bear
mode when someone I care about is being brought down? Check. Dauntless
is to push the boundaries of WHO you are and WHAT you are willing to do
to get what you want/need. Dauntless is to lead, not to follow.
Dauntless is to DO when others say it can't be DONE. Dauntless is -- ME. - Panic Written

Who wouldn't want to be Dauntless!!!!!!!!!!! Like its the best faction out there! :) - Yasmine

I want to join cause I have very few fears, I love archery and things
that gt my pulse going. I find life boring without things that scare me
so im always bored. I am good with knives and a bow, I am decent with
guns. This also seems fun - Nitro

The Dauntless faction represents not only fearlessness, but bravery and
selflessness. All of these things are important to me as I continue to
grow in my life and in the book worlds created by many wonderful
writers. The least I can do to represent how important Divergent has
been in my life is to join TEAM DAUNTLESS! - Miranda B. 

I believe that Justice must be served in any way possible, and bravery
is one of the most important traits, for how would anything ever have
been done without someone being brave, taking a risk? Everyone is weak,
but we can be strong if we believe, are brave, and take those chances. - Rachel M. 

It's where I belong! - Ciji

I am in Dauntless because i will be brave and strong no matter what comes my way. - Kendra

Because cowards can not be tolerated. because there needs to be justice,
and i will fight till the end to see that justice is served. because i
will fight for my brothers and sisters just as they will fight for me.
because you don't always know where you stand until you know that you
wont run away, and this is where i make my stand this is where i make my
choice to stand shoulder to shoulder with my Dauntless brothers and
sisters and prove there is nothing to fear, except fear itself. - Mohawk

Why I want to join:
1. Because I believe that justice is more important than peace
2. Because I want to be free from fear
3. Because I believe in ordinary acts of bravery
4. And in Tris's words, "It was just because of the food." :) - The Journey of a Young Writer

I personally love Dauntless. The strong, the brave, and the AMAZING all
join together in one fabulous faction. I love to think that I'm all of
the above. And the other factions? Well, they're going down. DAUNTLESS
ALL THE WAY! - My Adventures in Wonderland

I am brave like the Dauntless. I am the kind of person who takes things head on and not care what happens. - Cole R.

 Thanks again for helping #TEAMDAUNTLESS for #DivergentNation!

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