Book Review: The Story of Us by Deb Caletti

The Story of Us
Author: Deb Caletti
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Realistic Fiction/Contemporary
Released: April 24th 2012
Review Source: Simon Pulse
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Cricket’s on a self-imposed break from her longtime boyfriend—but she’s picked a bad week to sort out her love life. For one thing, her mother’s romance is taking center stage: After jilting two previous fiancés, her mom is finally marrying Dan Jax, whom Cricket loves. But as wedding attendees arrive for a week of festivities at a guesthouse whose hippie owners have a sweet, sexy son—Ash—complications arise:

Cricket’s future stepsisters make it clear they’re not happy about the marriage. An old friend decides this is the week to declare his love for Cricket. Grandpa chooses to reveal a big secret at a family gathering. Dan’s ex-wife shows up. And even the dogs—Cricket’s old, ill Jupiter and Dan’s young, lively Cruiser—seem to be declaring war.

While Cricket fears that Dan is in danger of becoming ditched husband-to-be number three, she’s also alarmed by her own desires. Because even though her boyfriend looms large in her mind, Ash is right in front of her....

The Story of Us is about a girl named Cricket and we follow the story in her point of view as she encounters many changes in her life all in the course of one week. She has graduated high school and is going to college in the fall. She’s moving from her childhood home, due to her mother’s 4th engagement to a man named Dan, and they are getting married in one week. She’s also leaving behind her longtime boyfriend, who she doesn’t want to break up with but really has no choice.

I must admit as soon as I began reading this story is bored me. I feel as if the author was trying to additionally add the situation of Cricket and her boyfriend, due to Cricket writing emails to him but it just bored me even more. I would have liked for her to have ended that relationship and maybe throw in some broken heart drama and another guy enter the scene but honestly those emails were boring me out of my mind.

All the characters are developed nicely. I liked each character and could actually relate to Cricket’s story. However, the plot just didn’t do it for me. I tried to read page by page but honestly just kept jumping paragraphs to try to get to the end.

Although, this is a story that I did not enjoy, there are great ratings on both Amazon and Goodreads of people loving this story. Please do not get discouraged by my review and not read the book. If it’s something you’re into, by all means, pick up the book!!

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