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Starcrossed #2
Author: Josephine Angelini
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Fantasy/Mythology
Released: May 29th 2012
Review Source: HarperTeen
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Can true love be forgotten?

As the only Scion who can descend into the Underworld, Helen Hamilton has been given a nearly impossible task. By night she wanders through Hades, trying to stop the endless cycle of revenge that has cursed her family. By day she struggles to overcome the fatigue that is rapidly eroding her sanity. Without Lucas by her side, Helen is not sure she has the strength to go on.

Just as Helen is pushed to her breaking point, a mysterious new Scion comes to her rescue. Funny and brave, Orion shields her from the dangers of the Underworld. But time is running out—a ruthless foe plots against them, and the Furies’ cry for blood is growing louder.

As the ancient Greek world collides with the mortal one, Helen’s sheltered life on Nantucket descends into chaos. But the hardest task of all will be forgetting Lucas Delos.

Josephine Angelini’s compelling saga becomes ever more intricate and spellbinding as an unforgettable love triangle emerges and the eternal cycle of revenge intensifies. Eagerly awaited, this sequel to the internationally bestselling STARCROSSED delivers a gritty, action-packed love story that exceeds expectation

Dreamless was one of the most anticipated sequel I was excited to read this year. Its get a well earn 5trees. I am a huge fan of Greek mythology, there is just something about those gods and their children that fascinate me. Josephine really does a fabulous job reshaping the mythology and making her own tale to tell. Every time I've step into the pages of the Starcrossed series, I get memorized and don't want to leave.

Helen never wanted what she was dealt with in life. She knew she was no ordinary girl, but to be a scion was completely unexpected. In Dreamless Helen is now the descender, she is to travel into the underworld and defeat the furies. Not a task she wishes to have or pass on to anyone else. Its like a never ending useless task that she can't find a solution to. Every time she descends she continues to die in some horrid way and wake up once again in her bed all dirty and bloody. Its gotten so bad, she had to buy bed-wetter sheets, so she wouldn't ruin anymore sheets nightly. Then just when Helen is to the point of completely loosing it, she is saved by another person in the underworld but wakes up immediately. This person that she now realized can descend like her is Orion. Oh sweet and funny, and super handsome Orion. Orion has been asked by Helen's mother to help her in her task in getting those furies. They try to create plans and solutions, eventually certain things start to fall into place and finally some advance is happening. Of course just because they advance doesn't mean that advancing won't cause another rifts or issues to form.

Helen must learn in Dreamless to trust others and follow some guidance and let others in. This will open new doors to relationships that should not form between the different houses. Helen might end up loosing her mind, but she knows what she must accomplish and she will do everything in her being to get it done.

Dreamless did not disappoint me at all. From the non-stop action to the tender loving moments, I was extremely pleased with what Josephine created and continue in Dreamless. I seriously applaud all the ups and downs and twist and turns I read in the sequel. I caught myself a few times holding my breath while reading. The ending almost gave me a heart-attack. I am now super excited to see what will be in the pages of Goddess in 2013. Thank the goddesses I have a few books to keep me pre-occupied until then, if not I would have to have done some serious plotting on how to find Josephine's home and ransack her computer.

If you love mythology then you will fall hard for this series. Its mythology like you never read it before.

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  1. YAY!! I"m so happy you loved the story!! Thank you for being on the tour Yara. Have fun in NYC!

  2. This is such a great tour! My favorite part about it is undoubtedly the huge involvement of Josie, it's so nice getting to know her :)

  3. Love this tour! Dreamless was amazing and I hope there is another tour when Goddess comes out! It's been really cool getting to know Josie a lot better during the tour.

  4. I have loved this tour! This is the first time that I have followed one all the way through! I am so excited to read this book that I wanted to get a taste of it every chance I got! Thanks to the awesome interviews, excerpts and reviews! Great job guys!

  5. I've enjoyed the tour also! Dreamless was amazing and I can't wait for Goddess next May! This is going to be a long 11 months! :P

  6. I really like this tour! I've learned so many new things about Dreamless! Great review- I am so eager to get my hands on it!

  7. I have so enjoyed this tour, and Dreamless :-D Fantastic book review!

  8. Great review! I love hearing the opinions and excitements that the reviews showcase. And I live Josie's involvement and creativeness that has come out thru all these awesome reviews and interviews!

  9. Hi! Glad to know that you enjoyed Dreamless! I haven't read Starcrossed yet, it's definitely on my TBR pile though! Thank you for the thoughts!

  10. Fantastic tour....I loved DREAMLESS...well written and well paced left me wanting more..Cannot wait until GODDESS is released...


  11. I'm a mythology nerd, so I'm really excited for this one. Sounds really promising.


  13. AHHHHHHH!!!!! Can't wait to read this one :D :D :D Absolutely love Starcrossed and this is one of my most anticipated sequels as well. Great review!


  14. Thank you all for being a part of the blog tour!! <3


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