What's so great about June??

Today's the 1st day of a month long celebration because, June is audio book month - #JIAM. You will see throughout the blogosphere so many great features and post during this month. Its the perfect time to celebrate the audio books we love, the narrators who sold us with their voices and those that produced the books so we could listen to them. 

I became a fan of audio books this past year when another fellow blogger kept gushing how much she like one audio book after another. At first it was very different and took a few tries to get into, but once I did I loved every second of it. Their are so many times throughout the day that a audio book come sin handy. Like yesterday, getting my manicure and pedicure, I pop in my headphones and had someone else read for me while my hands were tied up. You can add audio books to quite a few electronic devices lately. So you never have to reason to be without a audio book. Also listening to audio books while you clean your house, is such a welcome blessing. I truly recommend everyone try at least 2-3 audio books before you decided its they are for you or not. Now with summer upon us, the beach is definitely a great place to listen to a good audio book. Try it today!

So this month I teamed up with 3 other great blogs, Emily with Emily's Reading Room, Stacey at Page Turners Blog and Susan at Wasterpaper Prose. Today we begin the month with our big audio book giveaway but make sure to check out each week during the month what each blog will be posting and featuring on their date. 

Mondays: Wastepaper Prose
Tuesdays: Once Upon a Twilight
Thursdays: Page Turners Blog
Fridays: Emily's Reading Room

This is a special feature that Emily with Emily's Reading Room will have also: Narration Creation:
For the month of June, I'm putting Blogger Confidential on hold to bring a little twist on the series. Instead of bloggers, I'll be interviewing a group of narrators. They will be asked a series of four questions, and each week I'll post their answers to a new question. The group of narrators are really outstanding, and I think you'll really love their unique perspective on recording the books that you love. The post introducing them will go live tomorrow.

Also make sure to check out Recorded Books this month: -We want to know what audiobooks mean to people. So we're inviting librarians, educators, and audiobook lovers to record a short (1 minute max) video that tells us about their favorite audiobook moment, or write a few lines about what audiobooks mean to them and post the video on YouTube or Vimeo and send us the link via facebook.com/recordedbooks, twitter.com/recordedbooks, or email (kjennah[plus]JIAM[at]recordedbooks[dot]com). At the end of the month, we'll pick two winners who will get a personalized voicemail message for their library read by AudioFile Golden Voices George Guidall or Barbara Rosenblat! Please note that all people who enter the contest consent to have their video and words used in marketing materials for Recorded Books.

- On the RB blog (http://www.recordedbooksblog.com), we'll be featuring "favorite audiobook moments" from some of our narrators, including Simon Vance, Robin Miles, Barbara Rosenblat, Christina Moore, Jenny Sterlin, Andrew Garman, Robert Ian Mackenzie, George Guidall, Carol Monda, Johnny Heller, Mark Turetsky, and many more.

- At this year's ALA conference (2012 Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA: June 21–26, 2012), anyone who participates in a demonstration of OneClickdigital or any of our digital products will receive a copy of Robyn Carr’s “Hidden Summit” and be entered to win a free iPad! We are booth #900.

So who's excited for #JIAM??? Well to get you all really excited we are kicking off with a big audio book giveaway. Enter below!!!

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  1. Yay for audiobook month! I actually had no clue that June was the month to celebrate Audiobooks but I am a big fan myself and actually borrowed 3 from the library to listen to while driving to Florida next week! Crazy! Looking forward to all the great features from you and the other bloggers.

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

  2. Yay for audiobook month! I'm a huge, huge fan :). I host the YA Audiobook Challenge, but I've been lacking in audio reviews this year, but I've been saving some for June, and audiobook week!
    ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  3. I'm addicted to audio books! And I mostly get them from my library.
    Thanks for this raffle!
    Stephanie Queen

  4. I'm just starting to get into audiobooks ... they're great! Maybe I'll try and listen to a few more this month. :)

  5. I love audio books for my commute to work. Sure helps the time go by and I get extra "reading" in!


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