Fifty Shades of YA Boys Event Coming Soon!

Fifty Shades of YA Boys, the fun new event featuring some of the popular titles out there, launches this July. As of now the event will kick-off Monday, July 16th and end on Tuesday July 31st. Summer is the perfect time to connect with some of our sexy and too hot to handle fictional characters. This event will give you the book lovers the opportunity to learn some killer details about your favorite fictional hottie and those who are not familiar, a new book title and author to learn about and their hotties. Its a Win, Win situation! You the reader will get the inside scoop on the complex nature of your favorite male characters.

Once Upon a Twilight and Dark Faerie Tales will be coming together to bring you Fifty Shades of YA Boys. Each site will feature their own set of Hot YA Boys, so your getting at least 20+ different swoon-worthy guys to drool over. You can follow along Once Upon a Twilight and Dark Faerie Tales via Twitter and the Blog. You can also follow the hashtag #FiftyShadesYABoys.

Now if that’s not enough to get you all excited, all the participating authors will be including a giveaway with their post. Our YA Boys seriously approve of that, they want you all to have a chance at winning, so you can have them all to yourselves at home.

So mark your calendar, set your alarms and leave yourself a post-it note that on Monday, July 16th you will be checking out Fifty Shades of YA Boys over at Once Upon a Twilight and Dark Faerie Tales.
Here is a bit of a tease of what titles and Hot Boys will be coming up!


  1. Woot! So excited for all the hotness. :)

  2. What a great button *winks*

    Looking forward to the event!

    1. Yes the person who created is pretty talented. lol Thanks for creating the button.

  3. WOW this sounds incredibly fun!! Can't wait ;) :)


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