OUaT's Best of 2012: Debuts & Young Adult Titles

The Best of 2012

Its that time of year again when OUaT shows off some of our favorites in different bookish categories. 

This is what the posting schedule will feature:

12/24/12: Fave Book Covers & Fave Couples
12/25/12: Fave Male Characters & Fave Female Characters 
12/26/12: Fave Scenes & Fave Settings/Places
12/27/12: Fave Audiobooks & Fave Adult/New Adult Books
12/28/12: Fave Debuts & Fave YA Books

So we hope you enjoy and agree with our choices this week.

OUaT's Favorite Debut Titles of 2012

OUaT's Favorite Young Adult Titles of 2012

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