Warm Bodies Google+ Hangout Video

WARM BODIES Official Google+ Hangout

This past Saturday Clever TV and the cast of WARM BODIES hung out via Google+ hangout. They invited 10 bloggers/media personal to asked the cast questions live. Once Upon a Twilight was amongst those invited. Ana from the OUaT team participated with others such as Lauren Suero, Jeremy West and more. 

Ana had a wonderful time participating even if she did have microphone technical difficulties. The Clever TV host still asked her question even though her microphone and camera didn't work. So when you listen and here Ana Jordan from West Palm Beach, FL that's our Ana. 

Lisa, Jen and I were able to see an advance screening of WARM BODIES back in November in Los Angeles and we loved it. The movie is super cute and funny. We have not read the book, so we don't exactly know how it compares. It a film everyone can see and enjoy. 

Enjoy watching the cast of WARM BODIES answer questions and have small talk. WARM BODIES stars Teresa Palmer (Six from I Am Number Four), Nicholas Hoult (Beast from X-Men: First Class) and Rob Corddry (Lou from Hot Tub Time Machine). 

Ana and I and everyone here at Once Upon a Twilight want to say Thanks to Summit Entrainment, Clever TV and the cast of Warm Bodies. It was a great experience. 

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