Book Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Author: Alice Clayton
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Humor
Released: November 27th 2012
Review Source: Purchased
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Caroline Reynolds has a fantastic new apartment in San Francisco, a KitchenAid mixer, and no O (and we’re not talking Oprah here, folks). She has a flourishing design career, an office overlooking the bay, a killer zucchini bread recipe, and no O. She has Clive (the best cat ever), great friends, a great rack, and no O.

Adding insult to O-less, since her move, she has an oversexed neighbor with the loudest late-night wallbanging she’s ever heard. Each moan, spank, and–was that a meow?–punctuates the fact that not only is she losing sleep, she still has, yep, you guessed it, no O.

Enter Simon Parker. (No, really, Simon, please enter.) When the wallbanging threatens to literally bounce her out of bed, Caroline, clad in sexual frustration and a pink baby-doll nightie, confronts her heard-but-never-seen neighbor. Their late-night hallway encounter has, well, mixed results. Ahem. With walls this thin, the tension’s gonna be thick…

In her third novel, Alice Clayton returns to dish her trademark mix of silly and steamy. Banter, barbs, and strutting pussycats, plus the sexiest apple pie ever made, are dunked in a hot tub and set against the gorgeous San Francisco skyline in this hot and hilarious tale of exasperation at first sight.

I was familiar with Wallbanger since it start off original as a Twilight fan-fiction, it was called Edward Wallbanger before. I didn't finish the story back then, because the updates would take forever, so I lost track and eventually stop reading fan fiction as a whole. So when I heard this story got published, it was my time to read it in its entirety. I immediately knew why I loved it before, the humor that Alice Clayton throws out at us is epic. Wallbanger is one of top 5 books that made me laugh out loud and continuously throughout the whole book. That's reason alone to read this book. Best part though is that Wallbanger is not just about its witty humor, it has an amazing love story and great characters. Seriously who doesn't want to be Pink Nightie girl? Imagine finding Mr. All kinds of bad (in a good way) right next door and him turning out to be Mr. Right. This should teach single women renting apartments, to check your neighbor before moving in, lol. 

Wallbanger is the story of Caroline and Simon. Caroline has found that perfect apartment in a great location in California. She has a great career, great friends and now the perfect apartment. Only problem with Caroline, is she lost her "O". Read the book's summary and you'll understand what "O" stands for. So everything is looking bright even being "O-less" for Caroline, then Bang! Yup, seems Caroline moved into a apartment with very thin walls and her neighbor is a night owl that likes to do loud activities in the bedroom. Caroline unfortunately is what you can say front and center and hot and bothered when Wallbanger is home. Caroline even nicknames her neighbors visitors. Then one night when Caroline is just so tired, she looses it and stomps her butt next door to give her neighbor a piece of her mind about respecting others sleep time. Cue in Wallbanger, that's what Caroline nicknamed him. Wallbanger is actually Simon. Simon opens the door and that night opens new chains of events. Will Caroline and Simon get along as neighbors and will Simon bring down the volume of his wall-banging nightly visitors. What happens when these two people cross path at a party that their friends in common hosted. Will Caroline be able to let Simon in as a friend, how long before the walls come down? Will Caroline ever get back her long lost "O"?

If you want a laugh out loud romantic comedy type book, this is it. You don't have to search anymore. The chemistry in this book works and you will love every second you are reading. Its doesn't have too much angst or deep in your bones drama, it will be very refreshing. I do recommend for adults, at least 18 years or older. So get comfortable and make sure you don't have a neighbor that will interrupt your reading. 

Note: Wallbanger was a Twilight fan-fiction, but when you read it now you wont catch that when reading it. Do not hesitate or hold back from reading because Wallbanger original started off as a fan-fiction story. Many of the stories you love today were at some point a fan-fiction too. 


  1. Great review! I just finished reading this book too and I really enjoyed it. I knew it was a Twilight fan fiction, but I never would have guessed that from the book itself. If no one had told me, I probably never would have figured it out!

  2. Love the sound of this book! Haven't read a book that's made me laugh out loud for ages so I'll have to get a copy of this. Great review :)

  3. I looooved it! I thought it was hilarious! I honestly didn't even know it was Twilight fan fiction until you mentioned it :O

  4. I was a little worried about this one when people were first talking about it but I think I'm going to have to give it a try. I love romances that can really engage not just a romance side but the fun side as well.

    Thanks for the great review. :)

  5. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this book!!! But I'm so confused how it can be twilight fan fic though. I've been recommending this book far and wide and I think everyone's sick of hearing me gush about it :)


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