Extra! Extra!: New York Times Bestselling Author David Levithan Narrated the Audiobook Version of TWO BOYS KISSING

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TWO BOYS KISSING by New York Times bestselling author David Levithan is on-sale today.

Best thing about this release is that not only did he write the book, but he also narrated the audiobook version! To make this release even more special, TWO BOYS KISSING marks the first time that David has stepped into the studio to record his own book.

Based on an actual event, the story of TWO BOYS KISSING follows Harry and Craig, both seventeen years old, as they stand together to try to break the world record for non-stop kissing. Attached at the lips for thirty-two hours, the two boys become a symbol for other teenage boys dealing with relationships, coming out, finding their identity, and navigating the world of social media.
On top of that, they’re tired, starved, and left needing to figure out their feelings for each other.
With a Greek chorus sharing the story of Harry and Craig, TWO BOYS KISSING is an original, and refreshing take on teenage relationships.
Take a listen to this book, which once again showcases David’s uncanny ability to tell the tale of teenage love.


Listen to the Clip:

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