Book Review: Captive: The Forbidden Side of Nightshade by A.D. Robertson + Giveaway

The Forbidden Side of Nightshade
Author: A.D. Robertson (a.k.a. Andrea Cremer)
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 22nd 2013
Review Source: BEA/Penguin

The first adult novel set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Nightshade series, Captive delivers a steamy, forbidden romance between sworn enemies drawn together by an irrepressible desire.

Twenty-five-year-old Tristan Doran enjoys a life of incredible power and privilege. As a direct descendant of the Keepers—witches who have embraced dark magic—he defers to no one but his overlord, Lord Bosque Mar. For most of his life, Tristan has been kept out of the centuries-old Witches War, his bloodline too valuable to risk in battle.

But when a beautiful, young human Searcher named Sarah is captured and made a prisoner in his Irish castle, Tristan’s infatuation with her flings him headlong into the fray. Captive and captor, unable to contain their longing, embark on a passionate, forbidden romance together—only to learn that their love is at the heart of a prophecy predicting the downfall of the Keepers’ ages-old reign.

Captive explores the darker side of the richly imagined Nightshade universe, a fantasy world of powerful dark witches, shape-shifting wolf warriors, and fascinating history. The first of three erotic novels, Captive delves deeply into the fiery, illicit romance of two young lovers whose very desires invite their doom.

Call me surprised when I found out Andrea wrote this book. For some reason I had no idea and found out at BEA in NY this summer when I was walking around checking to see what author line to get in. Well needless to say I was late and was cut off before I could get my signed copy from Andrea but as soon as that happen I ran walked to Penguin's booth and viola! They had copies of Captive sitting there waiting for me. I was thrilled to be going back home to TX with a copy of this steamy book based in the Nightshade world that I love.

Captive in one word will captivated you. Its definitely a mature novel and not for the younger crowd. Yes it's in the Nightshade world but it's not at the young adult level. Andrea focused on older characters from that world to write about and write she did. There is one scene in particular that stands out just for the dramatic effect it had on me, I seriously was afraid to continue reading because I feared what would happen next and it would have scared me. That right there is powerful writing when the author can engage the reader like that. And just like that scene their were many more that had to you holding your breath or fanning yourself. Andrea really did a fantastic job delivering this older take in the Nightshade world.

In Captive the focus begins on a Searcher named Sarah. She has been given the permission to go find out what the Keepers are guarding on an island. So she knows it's a risky job but she has to do it. So when she is captured by a succubus and incubus from hell, you can say her day just got bad. Sarah knows if she wasn't at her rendezvous point on time, there would be no rescue mission to get her back. She would be considered dead.

Cue in Tristan, a very important descendant of the Keepers. Tristan lives in the castle on that island that Sarah wanted to enter. Well Tristan and Sarah finally meet in a very uncomfortable manner to Sarah but intriguing to Tristan. Thank goodness he has morals and respect if not it could have been horrific their first meet up. Sarah ends up becoming a prisoner of sorts at the castle. The Searcher and Keeper start to become chummy with each other and begin to get to know more about one another and their histories. When trust is finally reached between the two that ignites a passion and secretive relationship they know if they get caught might just be the death of both of them. Now they must figure out how to escape and gain both their freedoms.  Are they doomed or blessed to have come into each other lives?

This book will please any fan of romance. Now begins the wait for the next book in the series. Can't wait to find out what next.

In celebration and to get the word out of this soon to be released adult novel. We will be giving something very special away. But first we want everyone to know that A.D. Robertson is New York Times bestselling author Andrea Cremer's pen name that she created for her first adult novel. So if you are a fan of adult romances and a fan of Andrea Cremer's young adult novels then you want to stay in tuned with her adult novels to come. Below you can follow via social media outlets.

A. D. Robertson is the New York Times and international bestselling author of the Nightshade series (writing as Andrea Cremer). She spent her childhood daydreaming while roaming the forests and lakeshores of Northern Wisconsin. She now lives in Manhattan, but at heart she will always be a small-town girl.

Andrea has always loved writing and has never stopped writing, but it took a horse and a broken foot to prompt her to finally write the novel she’d always dreamed of writing. Prior to becoming a full-time novelist, Andrea resided in the academic world where she taught early modern history. Andrea’s novels bring together her two great passions: history and fantasy.


Now its time to share that special giveaway. Andrea will be giving one lucky winner a chance at winning a romance basket full of goodies. What does this basket include you ask? Your going to love it!!! (Make sure to read the terms and conditions in the entry form)
  • Personalized copy of CAPTIVE hardcover
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  1. Great Giveaway!!!! Thanks, Yara!

  2. I read mostly YA, but I'll read adult on occasion as well--I'm just pickier about the adult books I read. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  3. I am a YA reader for the most part but there have been books labeled "adult" that I find to be more a cross-over (or new adult). I'm excited to see more books like that.

  4. I now love both, although my heart will forever belong to YA!


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