Countdown to #Allegiant: How to Get the Most Out of ALLEGIANT Week

This list is provided by Divergent Official:

1. Watch Veronica Roth’s midnight video message to fans (where she’ll read the first pages of ALLEGIANT)! Check at midnight (12:00AM eastern time, to be exact) on 10.22.13.

2. Tune in to “The Today Show” on Wednesday, 10.23 during the 8AM hour (eastern time) to see Veronica Roth talk about ALLEGIANT.

3. Join the Veronica Roth Twitter Chat with iBooks between 4:45PM and 5:30PM eastern time on 10.23.

4. Submit your questions for Veronica Roth on the ALLEGIANT tour. Veronica will answer your questions during the LIVE Ustream event from Chicago on Saturday, 10.26, at 2PM central time. Stay tuned to for how to submit your questions.

5. Celebrate with the Epic Reads Divergent Tea Party on at 3:45PM eastern time on Wednesday, 10.23. Chat about what made you fall in love with the Divergent series and see an exclusive video from Veronica Roth!

1 comment:

  1. So excited for this book!!! Thanks for the tips for staying calm until 10/22/13.


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