Book Review: Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor

Maybe One Day
Author: Melissa Kantor
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: February 18th 2014
Review Source: Edelweiss | HarperTeen

Critically acclaimed author Melissa Kantor masterfully captures the joy of friendship, the agony of loss, and the unique experience of being a teenager in this poignant new novel about a girl grappling with her best friend's life-threatening illness.

Zoe and her best friend, Olivia, have always had big plans for the future, none of which included Olivia getting sick. Still, Zoe is determined to put on a brave face and be positive for her friend.

Even when she isn't sure what to say.

Even when Olivia misses months of school.

Even when Zoe starts falling for Calvin, Olivia's crush.

The one thing that keeps Zoe moving forward is knowing that Olivia will beat this, and everything will go back to the way it was before. It has to. Because the alternative is too terrifying for her to even imagine.

In this incandescent page-turner, which follows in the tradition of The Fault in Our Stars, Melissa Kantor artfully explores the idea that the worst thing to happen to you might not be something that is actually happening to you. Raw, irreverent, and honest, Zoe's unforgettable voice and story will stay with readers long after the last page is turned.

“Friends are the family you choose for yourself”. This is one of my favorite quotes ever because my friends are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Without them, I don’t know… I don’t think life will be as meaningful. Especially when it comes to my best friend. I know her since I was nine years old. She is part of who I am. She is my family. So this book is very dearly to me. Maybe one day is a book about friendship. These are rare now in days and I am thankful for Melissa for sharing this story with us.

What would you do if the one thing you enjoy the most is taken from you? The one thing that kept you going is no longer there to inspire you. This is what happens to Zoe when she and her best friend, Olivia, are cut out the dance program at NYBC. This was her whole life. This is all she knew.

A year after this, Zoe is pretty much given up on life. Then, she gets a call from Olivia giving her bad news. Something she never expected.

What would you do if your best friend tells you she is sick? A deadly one. Well… I know my world would shatter.

This is a story of true friendship.

This is a story of love.

Let me tell you, the last pages of this book crushed me. I couldn't see at all, it was all a blur. I was ugly crying. I was gasping for air. I had to read over the words. Even writing this down… ah, the tears *sniff sniff*.

This is not as sad as you may think. Yes, cancer sucks and it is a sad topic. But the story of Zoe and Olivia’s friendship is just… beautiful. The true meaning of love and friendship is being there every step of the way. No matter what the circumstances are, you stick to being yourself and being the friend that your friend loves. And this is what Zoe did. This tragedy brought them closer.

Maybe One Day is a powerful, amazing and simply beautiful story of friendship. It will melt you, it will make you smile and it will touch your heart. I recommend everyone to pick up this book.

Read Chapters 4&5
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  1. I have seen this book pop up and it has captured my attention. I am really excited to get my hands on this book and see where it takes me. Great Review!

    1. You should, such a great story! Thanks for stopping by :)


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