Book Review: Happenstance 2 by Jamie McGuire

Happenstance 2
Happenstance: A Novella Series
Author: Jamie McGuire
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Romance
Released: September 9th 2014
Review Source: Purchased

Erin Easter was now Erin Alderman, because Erin Alderman was dead.

In the second installment of this USA Today bestselling series, follow protagonist Erin, a high school senior in tiny Blackwell, Oklahoma. After a terrible accident leaves two classmates dead, Erin learns that she was switched at birth. Shortly after, she moves into the home of her true parents, Sam and Julianne Alderman, transforming Erin over night from pariah of Blackwell High School, to the only child of one of the most affluent couples in town.

Also being pursued by her childhood crush, Weston Gates, the dream she once had is now reality. But when Erin stumbles upon secrets that gives her the answers she’s been searching for, she also finds a truth she never wanted to know.

This review will contain spoilers if you haven’t read the first novella in the Happenstance trilogy. Happenstance Part 2 picks right back up where Happenstance Part 1 leaves off, Erin Easter, who turned out to actually be Erin Alderman, has moved in with the Alderman’s. So to make things clear, in the first book we are introduced to three Erin’s, Erin Alderman, Erin Masterson, and Erin Easter. After an untimely accident where it took the lives of Alderman and Masterson, we discovered that there was an unfortunate mix up in the hospital and Erin Easter went home with the wrong family. Easter had a terrible upbringing so this change of events has totally shaken her entire life, one major rollercoaster ride. So Erin Easter was actually the real Erin Alderman and when the Alderman’s (Sam and Julianne) they had asked Erin to move in with them. And that’s where we pick up, Erin getting adjusted to a new life style, a new life, and a family that is ready and willing to try to make up for lost time. Erin has built tall and thick walls around her emotions that are hard to knock down and become adjusted to her new life. She was bullied her entire life by the two other Erins and kids in school, and even with the new revelation none of it has come to stop.

The second novella gives us lots of Weston, who I totally crush on, and a lot more of Julianne and Sam. Getting to know the Alderman’s was one of my favorite parts in this installment, it wasn’t only Erin’s world that got turned upside down, but the Alderman’s as well, they lost and gained a daughter at the same time. Watching them try and knock down Erin’s walls was great to watch, it was hard for Erin having people that actually cared around. We also get a look into Erin Alderman’s life as well in this novella, getting to know why they hated Erin Easter so much, what had changed when they were little that made both the Erin’s turn so cold towards her.

I love this novella collection and I am completely in awe with the strength Erin has. She survives, she’s brave, but she also letting people in slowly. She isn’t the only one in her life now; she’s not the only one taking care of herself. Erin is learning a lot, and changing slowly but surely. I can’t wait for the final novella. I want me some more Weston.

These are great quick reads, and I totally recommended it to anyone. Happenstance has it all when it comes to romance and tragedy, and Weston, it definitely has Weston.

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