Once Upon a Signing: Houston Book Rave 2015!

This past weekend, the city of Houston was overrun with authors and book lovers alike at the Houston Book Rave, hosted by A Book Lovers Review and Good Choice Reading. Readers swarmed the Double Tree Hobby Hilton to see several of their favorite Romance, New Adult, and Young Adult authors. 

I actually had the opportunity to volunteer at this event. I've been to several of these book signing events before, but this was the first time where I would be helping out! I was super nervous, but everyone was so helpful and happy to have me there that I felt right at home among the other readers and bloggers!

Here is a goofy selfie taken in the bathroom (I know...I know) showing off my official volunteer badge:

Yes, I know I'm a really big dork, but I was just so excited to be a part of this awesome event!!

I also met some really awesome authors there as well. You could definitely tell that some of them have done events with each other before. They kept getting out from behind their tables to mingle and get their books signed as well! It was a great atmosphere and everyone was so welcoming and helpful. 

Here is a picture of a few of the YA authors who sneaked into the NA and Romance section of the conference. They were so naughty leaving their posts!! I was the "Bouncer" making sure that anyone under the age of 18 didn't enter the Romance area since some of the covers were a little too steamy. 

YA authors from left to right: Rose Garcia, Jordan Deen, Vanessa Kimbal and Rachel Harris

What a great group of YA authors!!

Houston Book Rave offered their fans a variety of things to do. Not only could they visit with their favorite authors, but they could also get books signed, get sneak peeks of their upcoming books, but they could also pose for pictures with some really steamy cover models.

As you can see, there were a lot of authors!!

Overall, I had a fabulous time volunteering at this event. They kept me busy!! I'm looking forward to attending Houston Book Rave next year!!

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