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Must Watch TV!!!

Here on OUaT we talk a lot about books (just a little, lol) and some movies here and there. But we hardly ever mention TV shows. Well today that is not the case. I'll be mentioning a couple TV shows I find worthy of getting the word out to everyone so that your tuning in weekly.

Jane the Virgin:
Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.

I'll admit I was one the the folks bashing this show when the CW announced it in the 2014 fall line up. I was mad because a couple of my favorite shows were cancelled (Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People) and here comes this replacement, I wasn't having it. Boy did the quickly change. After seeing sneak peeks, I finally decided I would give the pilot show a try. I was immediately hooked, like a kid to a candy store hooked. Needless to say, I hit record series on my DVR, so I'd never miss a show.

Jane the Virgin is a breath of fresh air. It's the perfect show to have on Mondays, after your day is done and your stressed out, Jane the Virgin will release all that stress from a Monday out the door. You'll catch yourself laughing unexpectedly at any point in time during the show. You can't predict when you will laugh out to getting all lovey-dovey over a scene, it's that fantastic.

Jane the Virgin is based off a Venezuelan telenovela (soap opera) which if you have never seen a Spanish telenovela, it's nothing like the English soap operas that are all about the angst, hate and heavy sad dilemmas. Another difference is telenovelas last a few months while English soaps are never-ending. So in those few months telenovelas will jam pack everything into a short time. So Jane the Virgin definitely has all the ingredients that make a telenovela addicting plus the CW's touch.

Jane the Virgin is centered around Jane Villanueva played by Gina Rodriguez (Filly Brown). Jane never expected after saving her virginity for so many years that she would be in the predicament she ended up in. See Jane went in for a routine check up at the gynecologist and it turns out the Dr. Luisa Alver played by Yara Martinez (The Lying Game) was off her game that day. Dr. Alver accidentally artificially inseminated Jane with Rafael Solano played by Justin Baldoni (The Bold and the Beautiful) sperm, which happens to be her brother. See Rafael's wife Petra played by Yael Grobglas (Reign) was going to have her sister in law do the procedure without Rafael knowing. And what makes matters worse is that Rafael after surviving cancer is no longer capable of having children, so that sperm was the last chance at him ever becoming a father. Isn't is great so far??? I can sit here all day and tell you every detail but that wouldn't be any fun. you have to experience Jane the Virgin for yourselves. This one accident sets so many things in motion, you can't wait to see how everything unfolds one by one.

Ha! I'm telling you the show just gets juicer and funnier as the episodes premiere. The chemistry between swoon-worthy Rafael and whimsical Jane, is perfect. I was totally routing for Jane to be done with her softy fiancee Michael Cordero Jr. played by Brett Dier (Ravenswood). And when Jane finally meets her famous telenovela father Rogelio De La Vega played by Jamie Camil (Pulling Strings), the show jump to another level in funny. They couldn't have chosen better actors to play the roles of Alba Villanueva, Jane's Grandmother played by Ivonne Coll (The Godfather:Part II) and Xiomara Villanueva, Jane's mother played by the saucy Andrea Navedo(Guiding Light). All these characters combined create a really great show that everyone should check out. Would I ever steer you guys wrong?

Mondays on CBS at 9/8c.

Next up is Scorpion that also comes on Mondays on CBS (this is the perfect example why you need a DVR) at the same time as Jane the Virgin. This new show really surprised us on how great it is. Its not your typical detective-drama TV show. Nope, in Scorpion you have a group of super-genius that have been friends for a long time and end up getting hired by the government to help them solve all types of threats and issues. Now this group how they function makes no sense but they do because of each of them being a different type of genius. They each have their fortes. And doing this as a group, it helps them focus so they aren't getting into trouble hacking or investigating something they shouldn't have their noses in. Scorpion is loosely based of the life of genius Walter O'Brien who is the CEO of Scorpion Computer Services. 

The tactical team consist of Walter O'Brien played by Elyes Gabel (Game of Thrones), he is the center and creator of the group and has an IQ higher than Einstein. Then you have Toby Curtis played by Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie) who is the crazy Shrink of the group. Next up is Happy Quinn played by Jadyn Wong (Cosmopolis) who is the muscles and mechanical prodigy of the group even though she is out weight by all the guys. Then you have Sylvester Dodd played by Ari Stidham (Huge) who is the human calculator and super quirky. And then you have the one group member that isn't a genius but the group without her would fall apart, Paige Dineen played by Katherine McPhee (American Idol). And last but not least, the man who put these guys together officially and considers Walter's character a son is Cabe Gallo played by Robert Patrick (Terminator 2). And even though he isn't in the Scorpion group, he is a great asset to them and the show, Ralph Dineen played by Riley B. Smith (The Back-up Plan), Paige's genius son. And there you have Scorpion

Every week Scorpion is given a new task that no ordinary group can attack. You witness these characters bump heads and then when they finally come together as one, it's pure genius (no pun intended, lol). The show contains tons of what you love about shows like CSI, NCIS and House all bottled into one plot. It's definitely over the top and at times you know what they are doing is not believable at all but it's fun to watch and see how it plays out. It worth watching every week. 

The Flash:
Tuesday on the CW at 8/7c.

If you are a fan of CW's Arrow, then I'm 99% sure you watch The Flash also. But just in case you don't here is why you should be. Arrow we love for many reason which would probably be similar to why you would like The Flash. The big difference I would point out is that Arrow is darker than The Flash. I think The Flash would cater more to the younger audience because it does have a lighter appeal to it in the story lines. 

Yes Arrow and The Flash both hunt down bad guys but in Arrow those bad guys are seriously mentally bad and those causing trouble in The Flash, weren't always like that. These meta-humans as they are called in the show were created at the same time by the same explosion that gave Barry Allen a.k.a. "The Flash" played by Grant Gustin (90210) his super speed when struck by lighting from the massive partial accelerator accident. So even though now they need to be captured because of their actions, they weren't always bad guys before. 

In every new episode we see Barry grow as "The Flash" and the meta-humans get tougher and tougher to beat or capture. Thank goodness Barry has a team at STAR labs (where the explosion happened) that helps him keep him in check. STAR labs Dr. Harrison Wells played by Tom Cavanagh  (Royal Pains) leads the team and has a really strong attachment to Barry or who Barry is now. The Doctor is one to watch, their is more to him than he leads on. Then you have the duo of Caitlin Snow played by Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th) and Cisco Ramon played by Carlos Valdes (me and My D@*k) who monitor and help Barry from the lab while he is out and about being a hero. These two characters really compliment each other and are seriously funny. Add a few more key actors and you got yourself good entertainment on Tuesday nights. 

And just recently The Flash and Arrow teamed up in their shows and they visited each other and help get the bad guys while trying not to hurt each other trying to see who was the better faster hero. Guys will be guys. And the episodes are just gonna get better and better as they go. I'm super excited to see what starts to unravel in the death of Barry's mom. So make sure your tuning in every Tuesday on the CW. 

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