OUaT Update: Giveaway Winners

Hey everyone! 

First off, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who participates in all the giveaways that we share on the site. We will continue to share as many as we can for everyone to enter for as long as we exist. 

Alright with that being said. I've noticed a pattern when we contact winners after they win and I thought it would be good to address it so that hopefully it doesn't continue. For a few months now, we have contact the winner and after 48 hours we haven't gotten a reply back, but then the next winner also doesn't reply back. Normally this is OK if it is a giveaway OUaT is hosting but most of the times the giveaways are provided by PR companies, Publishers, ext... And these companies most of the time have a deadline by when they need the winner information, if they don't receive it by the date assigned, then the giveaway prize is no longer available. So we have had a few giveaways that we didn't make cutoff, because the winners would not reply back. This sucks if you ask me, because I'm sure others that enter to win, would have replied back in the time given. 

So PLEASE only enter a giveaway if you WANT TO WIN the prize and make sure the email you have provided is a good working email that can receive emails from us. Make sure you check your spam folders daily as well. 

Thank you for your cooperation and hopefully no more prizes go unclaimed. 

Next item on the table, lol! There are a couple of you that have won and haven't receive your prize. I'm aware of it and will be getting those packages out soon. I usually take time off during Christmas break and didn't really check or do much with the site during this time so I could spend it with my family. So just bare with me, this month you should receive your prize. This pertains to giveaways provided directly from us (OUaT), NOT publishers, agents or PR companies.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to email me - YARA.

Hope everyone has a great start to 2015!!!

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