Trailer Thursday: The Prey by Tom Isbell

The Prey
The Prey #1
Author: Tom Isbell
Expected Publication: January 20, 2015
Publisher: Harper Teen

A hot debut trilogy and a riveting story of survival, courage, and romance in a future where creating a master civilization is the only thing prized, no matter the method. After the Omega (the end of the end), 16 year old guys known as LTs discover their overseers are raising them not to be soldiers (lieutenants) as promised, but to be sold as bait because of their Less Than status and hunted for sport. They escape and join forces with a girls’ camp, the Sisters, who have been imprisoned and experimented on for the "good of the Republic," by a government eager to use twins in their dark research. In their plight for freedom, these heroes must find the best in themselves to fight against the worst in their enemies.

1 comment:

  1. This book sounds like an interesting read. A society that trains 16 years old to be hunted sounds completely evil but really interesting.


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