Book Review: The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence by Stan Lee, Stuart Moore, Andie Tong

The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence
Zodiac #1
Author: Stan Lee
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Genre: Fantasy
Released: January 27, 2015
Review Source: Disney Press

Stan Lee presents a brand new, magical, super-powered adventure!

When twelve magical superpowers are unleashed on the world, a Chinese-America teenager named Steven will be thrown into the middle of an epic global chase. He'll have to master strange powers, outrun super-powered mercenaries, and unlock the mysterious powers of the Zodiac.

As a middle school Reading teacher, I can't shout loud enough what a fantastic middle school book this is for my boys! Girls will like it too, but there are not many books out there for boys!! This isn't really my kind of book, so I tried to read this through the eyes of a middle school boy. I can't wait to hear their responses after reading this!

First of all, the graphics are fabulous, but what else can you say about something coming from Stan Lee? They were placed throughout the book to give it this comic vibe, but didn't detract from the chapter book set up. I know that my students will love them since a lot of them are interested in Manga. I also liked the plot and the characters were interesting and complex. Not too complex, though, for the middle school student. I found myself looking up a lot of stuff about the zodiac so I could follow the book. It was so interesting! Very educational, but also exciting and thrilling enough to keep the middle schooler happy. I like how this one ended and look forward to reading the next one in the series.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I know that my sixth grade boys will love it even more. I know I'll keep this series in my classroom library for years to come!

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  1. Ohhh! Sounds good for me, I always end up loving middle grade books, and I'm interested in the illustrations! I liked manga too


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