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Florida Supercon has the largest cosplay and costuming events of any convention in the state of Florida, with non-stop panels, workshops, contests and photo shoots for 4 days straight!

Today, we're sharing a short interview with Megan Coffrey. She is a model and you can check out more of her model/cosplay here: http://megancoffey.deviantart.com/ - so worth checking out! Don't forget to like her Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/megancoffeystarbuxx

I know there was a rapid growth in the number of people cosplaying as a hobby in the 1990s. When did you first cosplay? For which event?

I started cosplaying in the summer of 2013! I made my first costume shortly after attending my first big convention, Florida Supercon. I didn't really make the costume for a specific event, I just wanted to try out cosplay and see what I could make!

What inspired you to cosplay?

I had an artist's table at FSC 2013, and I got a front row look at cosplayers in real life. It looked like a lot of fun to have those cool outfots to wear at cons, so a month or so after Supercon, I made my first costume! And then another, and another...

I know cosplay is time consuming but when you love something you don’t even mind the hours spend. Can you tell us how many hours you spend? From looking for fabrics to putting everything together?

Lately, my costumes have been taking about 3 days of full work. I've made a set of Saiyan armour within a week, the same goes for my Film Z Nami from One Piece, which is both fabric based and armoured. Some costumes I spend up to a month and a half on, working on it whenever I have time off from work and school. But I get very fixated and I like to keep up my progress on projects I start!

As for Supercon, could you share with us your previous cosplay? 

I attended Supercon 2013 and 2014. The first time I was an art vendor, the second time I was a cosplay guest!

What are you looking forward to this year at Supercon?

I'm looking forward to wearing my latest creations and seeing a lot of my friends again! I love having a booth and meeting my Instagram followers and seeing my friends. I also am looking forward to hosting a few panels!

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