An Animate! Miami Eyes Make Up Tutorial by Sandy Tang

As you may know by now, we LOVE CONS! Not only are we going to Wizard World Fort Lauderdale, New York Comic Con, but we are also going to Animate Miami! So as we are getting ready for these cons, we want to share this Anime Eyes Makeup Pictorial by the amazing Sandy Tang!

Have any of you Cosplay before? If so make sure to comment below!

7 Steps to Beautiful Anime Eyes
By Sandy Tang

Have you ever wanted to learn how to get those beautiful, anime-inspired eyes? With the right steps, it’s easier than you may think with just makeup.

With Animate! Miami and Halloween right around the corner, there are wonderful opportunities to dress up those eyes for any cosplay or costume.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to make your eyes standout:

STEP 1: Base and Primer

Begin with a base of foundation and powder before starting on the eyes. You want to prep the eyes with eyeshadow primer. My favorite is Urban Decay Primer Potion.

STEP 2: Eyeliner Prep

What I find most important is the placement of your eyeliner. You want to extend the liner further than where your eye ends.

STEP 3: Eyeliner Wings

Then draw your wing line to extend the eyes. Doing this will enlarge your eye and make it a nice almond shape.

STEP 4: Complete Eyeliner on Both Sides

Do the same for both sides.

STEP 5: Lower Lash Line

The next important thing is to draw your new lower lash line. You want the line to start about 1-2mm below your natural lash line. It will look funny at first, but in the end it will all come together. This will be the enlarging effect for the eyes.

STEP 6: Add Upper Lashes

Now my favorite part: the lashes. I start with my biggest pair of lashes I have. I'm using House of Lashes in Iconic. They are big and fluttery and look amazing in photos. They are a bit intimidating in person but they are so beautiful in photography.

Here are both of them on.

STEP 7: Add Lower Lashes

Step 8: Finishing Touches

As a nice finishing touch, I suggest using white eyeliner on your lower lash line and it will emphasize the enlargement of the eyes. Circle Lens are also a great bonus because they are colored and enlarge your irises.

Lastly, put on a cute wig to tie the whole look together.

Make sure to practice, practice, practice! I suggest you try applying the makeup in advance of your cosplay event or costume party. It will get easier with time. Most importantly, make sure to have fun! Happy Cosplay and Happy Halloween!

Sandy Tang is a self-taught makeup enthusiast who became interested in makeup years ago watching Michelle Phan on YouTube. Thereafter, she taught herself how to do makeup and has worked with Beauty by Arlette, expanding her knowledge and exposure working with clientele. She grew up playing video games and watching anime, so she has merged her skills and interests to makeup and costuming in cosplay. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sandy will be attending Animate! Miami, Florida’s largest convention for anime and animation from October 23-25, 2015, as a professional cosplayer.

Photo Credit: Sandy Tang, courtesy of Animate! Miami

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