Friday Author Spotlight: Erotic Romance Author Lacey Silks

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Today OUaT is happy to feature Author Lacey Silks. She is the author of Layers Trilogy, Crossed series, Perfectly Seduced and many more! 

Author Lacey Silks 

Author of Erotic Romance, Lacey Silks writes her stories from life experiences, dreams and fantasies. She likes a pinkish shade on a woman’s cheeks, men with large feet and sexy lingerie, especially when it’s torn off the body. Her favorite piece of clothing is a birthday suit.

When she’s not thinking about writing steamy stories, which is a rare occasion, Lacey enjoys camping and skiing with her family (not at the same time of course). She’s a happily married wife blessed with two kids who adore going to the library. She’s an early bird by nature, but loves the nightly adventures with her hubby which provide good content for her books.

"I'm protecting her from the people who hired me to get rid of her." - Sean

Relationships can still work if they begin with lies, can't they? Big, fat fucking lies spoken by a man with the perfect... everything.
I have a hunch he's being untruthful, yet I trust him.
I need time to think, yet I cannot stay away from him.
This is despite all the secrets he's kept.
Despite all the lies he's told.
Because in the end, I trust him. Not only with my but also with my son's lives. It's that simple. Some people are worthy of that kind of faith and others not. I just hope I made the right decision to trust him. Otherwise, with a fifty-million dollar target on my back, I may as well dig my own grave.



1. What was one of your favorite scenes to write? Why? 

It was the scene when Sean is alone with Parker and realizes how much he loves him. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a mother and any man who professes his love of a child, especially not their own, is a winner in my heart.

2. Do you have a favorite line from your book?

I do! It's when Sean says to April, "I don't want a piece of you, April. I want all of you." This line means so much because individuals in new relationships often close themselves up. Whether it's for protection or because of past issues, it's not easy to give yourself up to someone else, to trust them with not only your life, but also of your children's lives.

And for someone like April who's been through hell and back, is holding to secrets that could destroy her family and whose life had been flipped upside down, earning that trust is definitely not easy.

3. How would you describe Perfectly Seduced in ten words or less?

Fate unites a couple for an erotic adventure.

4. What was the hardest part of writing your book?

I would spoil the book if I said which part was the most difficult. It has to do with writing hateful characters who are only after their own agendas.

5. Are you looking to make Perfectly Seduced into a movie?

If someone is offering, then yes, definitely. There's intrigue, romance, hot sex, family, seduction, suspense, twists and turns around every corner. This novel is spicy and action filled.

6. If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters? 

Sean would have to be Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. He's capable to pull off that mature look and he's HOT.

April would be Jennifer Lawrence - I think that's an obvious one. She'd have to change her hair though.

Those two would definitely have on screen chemistry.

7. Do you plan on making this book into a series?

Yes. Perfectly Seduced has a short prequel, Perfectly Equipped. The next one in line will be Perfectly Loved, tentative release date March 16th, 2016. This one will be Millie's story (she's April's friend).

Jaime will soon be sharing her review of Perfectly Equipped! Make sure to check it out!

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