Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Related Funko's I Need To Get

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  Top Ten Book Related Funko's I Need To Get

Just to give you guys a heads up I might be just a tad bit obsessed with Funko's. They're great because they easily fit on my bookshelf, look so stinking cute and add to my love of books. Here's just a few that I need to get.

Draco. He's been so hard to find and I NEED him! Side note: I like to buy my Pops in person just to make sure they aren't damage. Don't judge me. Now Luna<3333 I was SO excited when it was announced she was coming out. I can't wait to add her to my collection.


Technically I already own two other Khaleesi Pops, but obviously that isn't enough lol! Now funny story about Drogo. I found him before I got into collecting him and you guys have no idea how much I regret not buying him because he is absolutely impossible to find. Sad Panda.


I have Katniss in her Hunger Games outfit so of course I need to get her a buddy and who better that Peeta. I couldn't leave Effie behind though. ;)

PPZ. The end. I need!


I recently just finished getting caught up with Outlander and my heart still hurts. A LOT. I want Claire and as much as I LOVE Jaime his Pop does not look like him and that makes me so sad. I might be cheating with this one but Felicity Smoak is queen!


  1. Oh wow!!! Great picks! I love the Funko Pops! Where are you finding these upcoming ones? I know a few look totally new to me but I never seem to see any "coming soon" ones on their main website!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. There's a Draco pop I'm missing!?


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