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The Windstorm #3 
Author: Katie Robison
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Released: June 7th 2016
Review Source: Quil Books, Inc.

"Why did I possibly think I could do anything to end this war? I was a fool, and now I have one week to get the twins out of here, or I may never see them again."

The seven tribal nations are at war, and as a taporo Kit can finally do something to save her people. But Kit can’t shake the feeling she’s playing a game she doesn’t understand, and if she agrees to fight, she’ll lose the ones she loves the most.


Sweat courses down my back as I take my patu through hingahinga for the thirtieth time. I toss the club to my left hand and wipe my sweaty palm on my bare thigh. My skin feels clammy beneath the hem of my shorts, but I’m swinging my weapon into stage six, so the thought only holds my attention for a moment. To my left, the ocean crashes into the bay, frothing white foam against the shore and soaking into the brown sand. To my right, my trainer, Claudia, observes me from about ten feet away. She stands motionless, arms behind her back. Beyond her, the green cliffs rise toward a whipped-up sky, roiling into seven kinds of gray. It won’t be long before we’re doused in Southland’s characteristic raindrops. It doesn’t matter, I think. My hair’s wet already.
My patu whisks above the ground, slicing through a blade of grass. I whirl it over my head, passing it back to my right hand, and move into stage one for the thirty-first time.
“Kāti!” Claudia yells, the command to stop the exercise.
I slam the patu into a halt at my side and salute her with one hand on my chest.
“That’s enough,” she snaps, speaking in Kohangaere. After two months of training, I’m finally understanding her orders. “Go clean up.”
I salute her again and step out of the training ring—a circle outlined with purple stones. I collect my things from a nearby rock, sheathing my patu and wiping my face with a towel. Draping the towel around my neck, I reach for my water bottle and drink deeply.
A hard wind accosts my back, blowing my damp, curling hair into my face, but I ignore it, mesmerized for the moment by the blue hills across the bay that are slowly fading into the fog. In the middle of the bay, a tiny Hector’s dolphin breaches the surface then disappears. The tufted grasses and yellow flowers at the edge of the sand flutter wildly, and the angry ocean spills over the terraced black rocks at the end of the beach, leaving frothing tidal pools in its wake. It’s a beautiful view.
I wish I could enjoy it.

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Katie Robison has a Ph.D. in medieval literature from the University of Minnesota and is a registered member of the Ngai Tahu Maori tribe in New Zealand. She currently lives on a lake outside Salt Lake City with her husband, daughter, and Siberian Husky. 

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