Audiobook Review: Morrighan by Mary E. Pearson

The Remnant Chronicles #0.5
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Narrator: Julia Whelan, MacLeod Andrews, Anne Marie Lee
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Released: August 2nd 2016
Publisher: Listening Library, Penguin Random House Audio

Before borders were drawn, before treaties were signed, before wars were waged anew, before the great kingdoms of the Remnant were even born and the world of old was only a hazy slate of memory told in story and legend, a girl and her family fought to survive.

And that girl’s name was Morrighan.

In this prequel novella to the Remnant Chronicles, a girl and a boy from enemy camps meet, fall in love--and set history in motion.

Why must you do this to us, Mary? WHY?! Morrighan deserves a full standalone book. This was just a tease of such an amazing story and my heart cannot take it. I need more.

First of all, let me tell you I did not know about this novella. I am ashamed to call myself a fan of this chronicles. And normally, I wouldn't review novellas because, well they are super short to give out anything. But the audiobook was presented and I had to take it. When I realized this novella was released last year, I was shocked. Almost a year and I was missing out on this extraordinary story. Now, okay - soon, the audiobook will be released and OMG... it is soooooo good! Not only is this story great but it is also important and as I am currently reading finished The Beauty of Darkness and yes... I'm glad I listened to this before. So if you're waiting for The Beauty of Darkness make sure to read Morrighan! Or you can always wait for the audiobook to come out August 2nd.

Morrighan is a fierce leader, even though she did not know who her father is. And for good reasons, her father is not an easy man to deal with and Morrighan had to find out in the worst possible way. He was so  harsh. Even though, he father is a douche, she did not let this affect her and in such a very short moment, she decides to take charge of her own fate. Morrighan is whom Lia's kingdom was called after and we take a peak of her history. She is important as in the series, we are told of her history - but is it the truth? You need to listen and/or read her story to find out.

Now if you're wondering about the audibooks, I need to let you know these narrators are phenomenal. They bring these characters to life. They truly embrace their characteristics and it feels like the characters themselves are telling you this story. As a fan of this series, I would suggest that you all listen to the audiobooks and be prepare to be enchanted.

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  1. Oh nice! I still need to read this one myself! But now that you're saying its best to read it before The Beauty of Darkness, I guess I better take it off my wishlist and get going! Great review!


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